Monday, June 30, 2014

Things that are making me smile today.

  • Paisley's little paws
  • Beautiful sunsets in my backyard.
  • New rugs for the house.
  • Fun Fingernail Polish
  • Teeny tiny baby deer in my front yard.
  • Pretty flowers growing in the backyard
  • Artwork and a thank you note from a friend I met from Etsy.
  • The Aviator (that's what we named this tree since my dad was a pilot).
  • This amazing photographer
  • A 3.5 day work week
  • Five pairs of new shoes!
  • And knowing that my one-year-anniversary vacation with CV is less than a month away!!! :)
What's making you smile today???


Betsy Morris said...

That sunset is beautiful!!

Candice Lynn said...

LOVE the rugs. Especially the one on the left. Where's it from?

Also, BEACH VACATIONS should also be on your list :)

Erin LFF said...

Loving that nail polish color, so fun and summery! :) Last night there was a GORGEOUS sunset, loved it!

Brittany said...

I LOVE that polish color. I might just run to the store and buy something similar tonight...

megan said...

That fawn is adorable!! Love your new rugs.

Sarah Tucker said...

Your new rugs....ahhh! I LOVE!!! And all these things are making me really happy, too!

Brianne Bracco said...

I love those rug patterns!! But not as much as Paisley's sweet face ;)

Allison said...

So many bright and colorful things in this post! What's not to love? :) Your new rugs are so pretty. Enjoy your short work week and wait's almost been a year already?!

Anne said...

Love the rugs and the art. And new shoes!! I want pictures of those too :)

Sienna said...

lovelove your new rugs. they are so fun and colorful!