Monday, June 2, 2014

Photoshoppin' Before and After: TN Brewery Edition

If you remember my picture from my Memphis post last week...
It was a cute photo of me & CV in front of some cool street art at the TN Brewery.
Well...I'm surprised that NONE of you (even my Memphis friends who see this street art on the regular) realized that it was a bit photoshopped...considering the street art is filled with ugly graffiti all over it. Seeeeeee:

I never use photoshop to completely alter how a person looks...(no, I WILL NOT make your face/chin/stomach/legs skinnier/longer/etc)....but I will take ugly graffiti out of the background, as well as a few other things (that I'll show you some other day)!

For this picture here is how I edited it:
1. Cropped the photo
2. Cleaned up all the graffiti using the cloning tool and got rid of the water bottle
3. Enhanced the colors by changing the saturation and shadows (using LR4)
4. Moved the bodies closer to the street art using cloning (if you notice in the After picture, I moved our bodies to the left so we are located right under the words)

And there you have it....a cleaner, brigher, BETTER picture! :)
Stay tuned for my next before and after!

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Katie said...

I love this post! Seriously teach me how to edit. Looks great :)