Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Goals - Tracked

April came and went so quickly that I didn't even have time to finish most of my to-do list!

Here's my April tracking:

+ Photograph two photo sessions - Fail, it was a very slow month for photography!
+ Book at least two future photography sessions - Complete!
+ Celebrated my one year anniversary with JVP & giveaway a free session! - Complete
+ Party in Nashville for my friends Bachelorette Party - Complete, see here!
+ Send birthday cards & snail mail to a few friends - Fail, I suck.
+ Party with my BFF who’s visiting from out of town - Complete, see here!
+ Attend a Clambake - Complete, see here!
+ Attend a Fish Fry - Fail
+ Treat myself to some new clothes (I haven't purchased any clothes all year!) - Complete! (I'll post about a few must-haves soon!)
+ Attend Church on Easter Sunday and wear a pretty dress - Complete!
(Here is a picture from Easter with all of CV's cousins!)

+ Get my hair cut - Fail
+ Get a massage - Fail
+ Exercise 3x a week - Fail
+ Finish painting the bonus room - Complete, see here!
+ Paint the living room and hallways - ALMOST complete!
+ Paint the guest room - Complete! (Guest Room Reveal coming soon!)
+ Buy two nightstands for the guest room - Complete!
+ Buy two lamps for the guest room - Complete!
+ Remove wallpaper in dining room - Fail
+ Remove wallpaper in guest bathroom - Fail
+ Remove wallpaper in master bathroom - Fail
+ Buy a Lawnmower - Complete, along with a shovel, leaf blower, and every other yard tool you can think of.

Some other things I did this month:
+ Took lots of walks with walk was along side a deer too!
 + Cooked a few home cooked meals
 + And ofcourse, hung out with my little stinko.

Hope everyone had a fabulous month of April. 
May Goals coming soon....


P!nky said...

Great stuff lady. Can't wait to see the new clothes! I need to go shopping soon.

Erin LFF said...

April really did come and go so quickly! I'm still bitter I didn't win your photo sesh ;)

Sarah Tucker said...

You did a lot! Better to check some things off then check nothing off, right? ;)

Anne said...

You really did a ton of good stuff though! You just started with a long list :) Excited to see your must-have purchases...

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

Uh I had like 4 things on my list for April and did none of them. Your list was long! So I don't see any of it as a failure since you accomplished so much! :)

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

I should make lists like this to keep myself accountable!