Friday, November 15, 2013

Our Wedding Decorations

Wedding Thursday, anyone??
I just wanted to share a few details of my wedding day. 
You know, all those tiny little details that I sweated over for an entire year...yeah, I at least owed those details one little blog posting!

Unity Candles and Table:
My florist designed this gorgeous spray of flowers for our unity table. Isn't it amazing!?? 
I was absolutely blown away with our flowers!!
Unity candles and candle stands: Michaels

Ceremony Aisle:
The ceremony aisle was lined with eight tall glass cylinders that had curly willow in them...and they were topped with a dish that held floating candles. 
There was also a program (DIY) placed in every chair. 

Flower girl basket + throws:

My flower girl LOVED her flower girl basket. It was white, silk and had a gorgeous bow on the side and "And they lived happily ever after" was embroidered on the side. So sweet!!
Flower girl basket: c/o Beaucoup

Instead of tossing flower petals, I had my flower girl toss little paper hearts that were three different shades of purple (to match our colors). I especially loved it because petals cost around $25, and these little hearts cost me less than $6 on Etsy.

Guest Book:
Our welcome table had a framed sign, a floating candle in a gorgeous monogrammed etched vase and a Cincinnati coffee table book for guests to sign!
Monogram Floating Unity Candle: c/o Little Things Favors

Place Cards
Our place cards were displayed on two large shutters. I hand wrote each card using a white pen on black card paper, just like I did the invitation envelopes, so it all had a consistent black and white theme.

Gift Table:
The gift table was complete with framed photos of us throughout the years. A bird cage for guests to put their cards, and a sign....that CV made. 
I asked him to help me make a few signs, and this is what I got. Haha.

The Centerpieces:

I chose three different centerpieces for our reception and I LOVED them all. 
1. Submerged orchids topped with a floating candle
2. Open floral arrangements that matched the wedding bouquets
3. Floating candles in tall glass cylinders, on top of mirrors.
All centerpieces had tons of small candles surrounding it, so it definitely gave off a very romantic feel!
Each place setting also had a menu, that matched my invitations and programs perfectly!


We had TWO delicious cakes. 
A three-tiered white chocolate romance cake. Ahhhhmazing!!!
And an opera creme (chocolate) cake.  Ahhhhmazing!!!
And a gorgeous swarovski crystal monogrammed cake topper: c/o wedding cuts

And notice the purple lighting??? 
I hired an amazing lighting company to make the entire room purple! :)

I displayed the sparklers so everyone would know to stay until midnight! :)
I just used a large vase, that I already owned, and made a DIY sign that matched all the others.

What do you think of all my details???

 And for those Cincinnatians who are interested in our vendors, 
here are the amazing people who made our day extra special: 
Officiant: Bill Proud 
Pianist (ceremony + cocktail hour): Jim Connerley
 Florist: Blossoms Florist
Videography: Squirrel Films
Venues/Catering: Oscars Event Center 

*****I'll be posting my wedding video NEXT!!!


Erin LFF said...

Gorrrrgeous! Every last detail! :)

Ericka said...

Everything was perfect!!! You did an amazing job with all of the little details. I know how much work goes in to all of those little things, so kudos to you!

Brittany said...

Such a great idea to use the paper hearts instead of flowers!! Love all the details.

Allison said...

Love it all! It's the little things that make it! :) Can't wait for your video!

Andrea Marvin said...

Really great details! Loved your centerpieces and you have beautiful handwriting!

Pamela said...

Love it all!!

Katie said...

The details are my favorite part of the wedding!! I'm obsessed with your guest book. What a great idea to do a Cincinnati coffee table book!

P!nky said...

Love all the lil details, so perfect!

Becca Moss said...

Love every single thing about this post! Mostly, the cake. YUM!