Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Our Wedding Photobooth

Sorry if you thought I was done with wedding posts, because I'm not done just yet. 
I have one more post about it....okay three more posts.  I'll keep it at three. I promise!

Post one. OUR PHOTO BOOTH!!!
I know I mention this at least once a month, but I LOVE PHOTOBOOTHS.
And although I've always been aware of my love for them, my love went up about 10 notches after my wedding. I seriously hired THE BEST PHOTO BOOTH!! 

They had the best props, (suitcases, hats, frames, flamingos, you name it!!) and honestly had the best quality of photos I've ever seen. Every photo came with one copy for the guests and one copy for CV and I! They put all our photos in a guest book that our guests could sign! I just loved it!!

I can't say more nice things about Sprout Squared Photography and the owners Wes and Stacey! They were super sweet to work with and...well....let's just have the pictures speak for themselves.

Here are some of my favorites:
Me and my handsome hubby.
Me and my girls!!!! 
All these girls have been my BFFs since high school...some even longer! 
And this is my new family!
MIL, Handsome Hubby, New Brother, and FIL
They are pretty awesome!
These are my peeps!
Gahhhh, I have a million awesome things to say about these people. 4 of the 5 peeps used to live in Cincinnati and we used to party on the regular...but they all four moved away over the years! 
Sheesh...come back friends!!!
Here are my "Memphis friends" again. Although only 2 of them still live in Memphis. Now, they are in Nashville and Texarkana too. Which I guess I am okay with, since I moved out of Memphis too. I'm so thankful they traveled all the way to Cincy to see me get married!! :)
And here are my two favorite coworkers and their spouses. Can you guess which two I work with? And can you guess which one is my BOSS??? *Hint: It's the dude with a pet bird!
Speaking of crazy fools...this little party animal is one of my favorite groomsmen. 
Who am I kidding, I actually loved all of CV's groomsmen. But I guess he's my favorite today because this picture is awesome.
Here are my new cousin-in-laws!! Is that a thing?
And one of the most amazing families I've had the pleasure of meeting...and my vote for the BEST photobooth photo of the night!
Although a lot of people would disagree and say THIS PHOTO was the best photo of the night!!!
Good thing that was the last photo of the night and people were too alcohol-happy to judge! haha!

If you're in Cincinnati and need a Photo Booth, I HIGHLY recommend Sprout Squared!
Give Wes and Stacey a call and tell them I said hi! :)
And a special thanks to my friend Katie for recommending them to me! You're the best!


Pamela said...

Oh how awesome & hilariousssss!

Erin LFF said...

Oh my gosh- all of these are hilarious! TOO GOOD- love all the different props. And yes, cousin-in-laws is totally a thing ;)

Jordon said...

Cute! Our photobooth was definitely one of the favorite parts of our day

P!nky said...

bahahahaahahahaahahahahahaha! these are amazing! I love em!!!

Kristyn said...

Ahh I love these pictures. And the last one! HA! I have no words for that! I think we are doing a photo booth too. Not 100% sure though, but I love the idea of having one!

Thanks for linking up!

YFG said...

That last picture is hilarious! I have the same kind of humor so no judgment here! I wish we could fit a photo booth in our budget, but unless the wedding fairy visits us it just won't be happening. Loved seeing your photos!

Meredith said...

They are super fun, you never know what kind of photos your going to end up with!

Andrea Marvin said...

So much fun! I really LOVE your dress - it is so pretty and flattering!

Brittany said...

Cracking up at these pictures. I love that they put them in a guestbook for people to sign. So cute!

Rebeka said...

These turned out SO well! How fun. I definitely share your love of photo booths, and I think the second to last one is my favorite too, so original and fitting.

Mary said...

hahahaha oh my goodness those are AMAZING!!!

I was really able to see the details of your dress in these photos and wow!!! I absolutely love it even more! So beautiful! :)

Rachel C. said...

Love the one where they're reaching for the drinks and the last one is just hilarious. We're getting an open air photo booth!

Brittany said...

That last picture. Omygoodness!! haha way too funny

Becca Moss said...

Oh my gosh, these are hilarious! So funny!

Kristi Marsh said...

I've been close friends with Stacey since I was a little girl!! Made my day coming across this! They are both my favorite people!