Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Another Proposal Caught on Camera

I had the honor of photographing a super sweet proposal two weeks ago.  
I must say, photographing proposals is my NEW favorite thing. I don't know anything more exciting than seeing two people, who are in love, hug/kiss/cry and make plans to spend their lives together. 
It just doesn't get better than that!

Here's the story:
The afternoon started out with a sweet picnic in the park for his girlfriend's birthday.
(Meanwhile I pretended to take pictures of flowers at the park, but really I was stalking them and getting pics like this!)

The plan was that after the picnic, they were going to walk to the arch at the park and he was going to propose. So I headed over closer, taking pictures of more flowers and waited for the moment. 
And then...THE GIRL STARTED TALKING TO ME!! Uhm, yeah. 
She asked if I was a photographer, and I told her no, I was a student at a photography school and my homework was to take pictures of flowers at the park. (ha) I said I could take a few pics of them if they were interested and I would email them to her. They both were super excited about it. 
And I think it definitely gave him the little courage he needed!

 I asked them to stand up to take one more picture. 
And that's when the magic happened.

Now, see the arch. Isn't it gorgeous!!!

Afterwards, we let her in on the secret that I was hired, and not some random student at the park!! :)
It took her a while to understand, as I think she 100% believed my story about being a student, and was still in shock from the recent events! 

But she finally loosened up and let me take a few more pics of their sweet engagement day.

So much emotion in this picture. I just love it!
You can see it's sinking in!

Seriously. How cute are they??!!

They were so much fun, and super sweet people. 
They even demanded to have a picture with me before I left.
So ofcourse....I propped it on a bench with a 5 second delay....and this is what you get!
Ha. I might have dropped it a little too low.

So happy for A+N!! And so happy I was there to capture it all!!
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P!nky said...

Awwwww that's so sweet! Great pictures!

Engagements make me so happy now that i'm married! I wanna shout 'this is the best time of your life'! haha

Bethany Cole said...

I love this story :)

Ashley @ The Sweet Life said...

So precious! It's amazing what these pictures show, and the fact that they get to look back on them years from now? Perfect! Great job :)

katie @ sappy and happy said...

these are incredible! you're so talented, lady!

Libby @ Health, Love & Fire said...

How awesome to be a part of such a special moment in their lives!! I love how they turned out!!

Anne said...

Ah, that accidental interaction almost makes it better! I bet she was in super shock, but you really did get some cute ones once they loosened up too. What a sweet proposal idea.

Brianne Bracco said...

You capture the best moments....now come to Cali and I'll make Aaron re stage our engagement! hahaha! ;)

Erin LFF said...

So so soooo ADORABLE!! Take Jared and I's picture! :) Make us look good! ha!

Nicole Harnois said...

Good cover story! Hahahahaha

Ericka said...

So awesome! Great pics and what a sweet couple :)

Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

No joke these photos made me tear up! Well done - you really captured the emotion.

Allison said...

I love these. Great job girl! :) Now I just need to see your wedding pictures! Post soon please. Haha.

Mary said...

That's so awesome!!

Becky said...

Found you through Erin at Love Fun and Football! That's so funny that she started talking to you - good thinking with your story :) I would definitely want a secret photographer at my proposal!

Jennee Thompson said...

Those pictures are so great!