Monday, September 23, 2013

Ten Minutes With Paisley

Life has literally been sooooo busy lately!!

Getting Married. Honeymoonin'. 
Working 8-5. Keeping up with my photography business.
 Trying to find the perfect house. Maintaining a social life. 
And a million other addition to trying to be a good wife!! :)

Sometimes, just 10 minutes with Paisley is all I need to calm me and slow down the day.
Isn't it amazing what a little QT time with your dog can do? 

Happy Monday, everyone!!


Nic @ Haus of Harnois said...

awhhh! what kind of wuppy is paisley? a terrier i'm assuming? love love love them :) so cute and full of personality!

Pamela said...


brittany @ g squared said...

House = so exciting! What areas are you looking in?

YFG said...

Paisley is so cute! And nothing makes me feel better than a few snuggly minutes with my pups :)

Ericka said...

GREAT pictures of Paisley! Dogs are great for calming us down and cheering us matter what!

Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

I rely on QT time with my pup to help my distress. Nothing better in my mind than a ball of fur!

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Laura Darling said...

Love the yawn pic! I'm not surprised that he's exhausting, looks like a rough life he has! :)

Vett Vandiver said...