Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our Fabulous Rehearsal Dinner

The day before "The Big Day" started with a little stress. 
I had two dress fittings (my 7th and 8th fitting) earlier that week and my dress still didn't fit! So I made my final appointment for Friday morning, which was the last possible day I had to make sure it fit and to pick it up. Talk about stress!!! So, the morning of the rehearsal dinner, I went to try on my dress for the 9th time....and it STILL DID NOT FIT! OMG!
I refused to leave without my I waited and waited....and an hour+ later, she came back out with the dress. I tried it on for the 10th time...and it fit! Sheesh! It wasn't perfect, but it was close, and that's all I could ask for as we didn't have any more time. 

I spent the rest of my day hanging out with my mom, packing my wedding bag and suitcase for the honeymoon, and getting ready for the beginning of the wedding celebrations!! 
(Meanwhile, CV was having a fun day golfing with this groomsmen and family!) was time for our FABULOUS REHEARSAL DINNER!!!

Here were our fabulous invitations that I ordered through
A lot of people think mustaches are so over done, but we've always liked them, as you can tell from our rehearsal dinner signs. So bring on the 'staches!!
The night started with drinking, mingling and practicing our walk down the aisle.

And after we mastered that, we all grabbed lots of drinks at the bar and got seated for THE BEST DINNER EVER!  CV & I decided to have food stations for our dinner. We had an asian station, italian station, and a mediterranean station! The food was a HUGE hit!
(There was also 5 different kinds of cake and ice cream, but I don't have a pic!)

Oh, and did I mention that our dinner table sat 50 people!!!!! Yes, 50 people at ONE table! 
It was the largest table ever!!! We sat outside in a covered terrace and it was the most perfect weather!
And CV picked out the sweet floral centerpieces! 

Back to my story, during dinner we had a few special toasts: The Father of the Groom, Best Man #2, Maid of Honor #2, and "Jungle", who is a family friend of CV's family. All of the toasts either made me laugh...or made me cry because they were soooo sweet!

After dinner...we all celebrated, decorated, took a few shots of Fireball, and had a great time!

It was such a great event with fabulous family and friends that came to celebrate us!

The night ended with me, Stephanie and Kimberly chatting in my hotel room! (yay) We stayed up until 2am chatting.....and then I stayed up until about 4:30am because my brain wouldn't shut off!! Ugh!

Good thing this bride can function quite well on 3 hours of sleep...! 
More wedding fun to come! :)


Candice Lynn said...

It looks perfect! Ahhh, your wedding was so much fun :)

agalandherdog said...

Welcome back, MRS! Love reading about your amazing wedding!

JMc said...

Looks like a wonderful rehearsal! I am loving following along the big wedding weekend :) Congrats again!

Kayla Peveler said...

So many gorgeous people all in one post!! So glad it was such a blast :) you looked beautiful, dear!

Ericka said...

Beautiful rehearsal! The food looked amazing (it's actually making me hungry right now). I couldn't sleep the night before my wedding either...just so much on your mind before the big day :)

Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

How beautiful! I feel you I had a really hard time falling asleep the night before the big day. And how incredibly frustrating about your wedding dress!!

Brianne Bracco said...

Looks fabulous my friend!!! Can't wait for the Wedding recap!!!!!

Erin LFF said...

Such a gorgeous night, love the huuuge table! And seriously all that food is AMAZING- the station idea is awesome!

Caroline said...

looks like a great night!

Rebeka said...

Ooh your rehearsal dinner sounds like it was perfect! I'm so glad. I can't wait to read all about your wedding. Congratulations again!!

Allison said...

Wow...that is a huge table full of people. How fun! Love the idea of all that food. What a fun night. :)

Shoshanah said...

I actually didn't try my wedding dress on until a week before the wedding! Although the sample size fit me pretty perfectly, and that's the size we ordered. Plus my MIL was the one who did the alterations, so it all wound up working out.

And all the food looks delicious! Especially the Italian station. And if that's the food from the rehearsal, I can't wait to see what the food from the actual wedding was like.

YFG said...

Now this is the type of rehearsal dinner I hope to have! Can I ask, did you and CV plan this? Or did the groom's family plan it? I'm curious because my future MIL and I are struggling to figure out the rehearsal dinner!

katie @ sappy and happy said...

looks perfect! i'm glad you got your dress to work for you becuase you looked BEAUTIFUL! xoxo

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Looks like an amazing rehearsal dinner! I wish I could function on little sleep! I would be dead to the world. And is there nothing a little bit of fireball can't cure?!

Becca Moss said...

Everything looks perfect! You looked gorgeous, Jax!

P!nky said...

LOOKs amazing!!!! yay