Friday, September 20, 2013

280 Balloon Prank

I took 10 days off work for the wedding and honeymoon...and apparently that was plenty of time for my boss to turn my desk into a disaster.

280 balloons filled my desk.

And they were piled ALL the way to the top. Over 5 feet.
You should have seen my face when I walked into work, I was shocked, amused, flattered, 
and then angry that I had all those balloons to clean up. Ha.

Can you believe this???

And then once I got rid of the balloons, I saw ALL the "decorations" they put up.  Pictures of me & CV from our Photo Booth (that they got online), just married signs, and tons of random wedding decor.

They wrapped my phone in champagne bottles (bubbles) and tons of rubber bands!

And even pulled keys off of my keyboard to spell my new last name. 
(Although it's misspelled. Ha.)

Has anyone ever "pranked" your desk before???
I love my work and my coworkers, and I guess after all the pranks I've pulled on them, 
I deserved this one!


P!nky said...


Crystal said...

This is totally cute! It had to make you feel loved! :)

Nic @ Haus of Harnois said...

So cute! I'm glad you have coworkers with a sense of humor! I've never had a coworker do something like this. I work at a salon so the extent I've had is lipstick messages on my mirror lol

Ericka said...

That is so awesome! What a great prank idea :)

Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

Love this! I work in a two person office so I am totally envious you have coworkers to prank!

Jamie K. said...

Too funny! That's a great welcome back I think! :)

Brianne Bracco said...

How sweet they did this!! But yeah, I'd be irritated I'd have to clean all that up first before I could work haha ;)

Allison said...

Aw you must be very loved at work. :) This is an awesome prank. Well played co-workers. Haha.

Sarah Tucker said...

This is priceless! How funny!

Mary said...

This is so awesome! Sounds like you work with fun people!

Becca Moss said...

How did I not see this post before?! This is epic. Fantastic. I want to have co-workers like yours!