Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jam Packed Family Weekend

CV's parent's and brother all came in town this weekend for a family wedding. 
They are go-go-go type of people, so our weekend was four days of non-stop fun!

Thursday - Dinner at Bonefish! Mmmmm. Bang Bang Shrimp is the best, isn't it?

Friday - CV and I got our marriage license!!!
(He doesn't look thrilled here, but he is, I promise...he just hates pictures and 
was ready to go to the pool. haha)

Then met his parents at The Taste of Belgium for breakfast! I got the chicken and waffles, which is their signature dish! (Their waffles have a great flavor, but I wasn't that impressed honestly. Very dense. And the chicken wasn't exactly what I was expecting. I know its a "go-to" in OTR...but I probably wouldn't go back.)

After breakfast we ran errands and spent the rest of the day at the pool. 
Then, went to CV's cousin's wedding at The Bell Event Center. One dark blurry picture, because I suck. (and was too busy dancing!)

But here is a picture of the dress I wore (from the dressing room of TJ Maxx):
Haha. I texted this pic to my girl Brianne for approval...she approved!
(It has pockets....who wouldn't approve!)

Saturday - We had lunch at Dewey's Pizza. Dessert at Aglamesis. Then, spent the entire day at the pool. Had dinner at Christian Morelein and hung out downtown afterwards.
The color-changing fountains at Smale Riverfront Park are awesome!

Sunday - CV's mom and cousins threw me a fabulous bridal shower!! (more on that later!) And we finished off the weekend with dinner at our local Indian restaurant with his parents.

Wowzaz. Can we say BUSY FAMILY-FUN WEEKEND! 
Now, please excuse me while I lay my head on my desk and catch up on my sleep!


Brianne Bracco said...

Eeeeeeeep! The marriage license picture! I LOVE it!!!!! And of course I approved that dress...it looked fantastic on you! and pockets? hello, of course :)

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

That is a way cute dress you picked out and sounds like a fun weekend!!