Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Wedding Photographer & Engagement Sneak Peak!

Booking a wedding photographer was one of the first things I checked off my wedding to-do list. 
(It was honestly the most important to me!! Waaaaayyyy more important than the dress!)

After carefully analyzing every photographer in the tri-state area, (seriously, you should have seen my spreadsheet!) I narrowed it down to two amazing photographers. I had followed both photographers' blogs for quite some time, so obviously I had been obsessed with their skills way before I ever needed to use them. I really did have a hard decision on who to choose. I asked CV (but he doesn't really care about photos like I do) and I asked my photog friend Candice who gave me the best advice:
Meet them in person and you will know who you want!
...and that's how I decided on Amanda!

Right when I met Amanda, I could tell she was a sweet/easygoing/friendy/fun person and she
made me feel comfortable right away. I knew me and my camera-shy-fiance would both
feel comfortable sitting in front of her camera.
She encouraged us with all our ideas: picnic, piggy back rides, woods, champagne popping!
And even took a really funny picture that CV wanted, that she will probably never show
anyone since it was THAT ridiculous! Haha.
But I love that she took a picture just to make CV (and his silly sense of humor) happy!
And she had a great creative eye when it came to locations!
(I almost fell off the side of my house for this picture! True Story.)
And remember the coffee mugs I made: Here they are put to use!
I'm soooo glad Amanda was there to capture this special time in our lives!
A good snapshot stops a moment from running away. ~Eudora Welty

And stay tuned for more engagement pictures, I should get the rest next week!
(cue the cheesy grins and cartwheels!)

Visit Amanda's Blog Here.


Married...with a Pup said...

Ahhh seriously so so so good!!!

Betsy said...

those are GORGEOUS! Jon wasn't a fan of the camera, either, but as soon as we met our photographer I knew it was the right fit and she'd put us at ease - and she did! that connection is so important. glad you found it!

finding you from Joelle :)

Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

Your pictures are AWESOME!!

megan said...

I LOVE them! Your searching for the perfect photographer paid off! :)

Erin said...

Seriously AMAZING! Love her photos and you two look picture perfect!!! :)

Caroline said...

These are gorgeous! You two look so in love!

Candice Lynn said...

LOVE this post. And not just because I"m mentioned in it :)

love you and your pics.

Legally Lovely said...

I would have been just as meticulous as you were; wedding pictures are so important and you want them to be good! You picked well though -- all your pictures are gorgeous!

Ashlyn said...

I definitely feel like the photographer is the most important thing to consider! And your photos are seriously gorgeous!

meghan said...

These are fantastic! Your photographer did such a great job, and you both look fantastic. I love the outfits that you chose! I know for me that was the hardest part!

I am Khatu said...


Isabel Cabrera said...

The photos are indeed great! Being at ease with your photographer is an essential factor in capturing a beautiful and subtle photo. It will reflect in the aftermath photos, whether you are having fun or not. It won’t be good if you look awkward and stiff in the photos, right? Congratulations for having wonderful memories through your photographs!

Ginny @ Buttergirl Diaries said...

Just got your message. Loved the post. I laughed when you said you carefully looked at all photographers in the tri-state area. I can totally relate girl. I mean, I looked at eveeryone. And in all honesty, there are some not so good ones out there. It's important for brides to really take their time with this. Because some pictuers can seem really great but then when you start looking at more it becomes very obvious that they need more work.

I love your engagement pics. exactly what I want too: bright, airy, nautral light. They are the prettiest!

Cant wait to see your pictures!