Monday, November 26, 2012

A fabulous little holiday weekend

Thanksgiving was the perfect start to a wonderful weekend!!
As always, since my family is 7+ hours away, and CV's parents are 9+ hours away, we had Thanksgiving dinner with our "second family" in Cincinnati.

I was so thankful for the gorgeous weather.
And thankful to spend Thanksgiving with my sweet CV.
Thankful that we were surrounded by many amazing people during dinner.
(This was just one of the dinner tables!)
And thankful for my delicious Thanksgiving Day dinner that was made with a lot of love.
After dinner, we headed over to CV's aunts house to hang out with his family before we called it a night.

Unfortunately, I had to work on Friday. I was the ONLY PERSON who had to ofcourse I took advantage and snapped a pretty pic of our lobby.

And since I had to work, I didn't get any Black Friday deals, but I did manage to go to Walgreens and stock up on their early bird Black Friday deals.  I got all of this for $17!!
(6 laundry detergents, 2 shampoos, 2 toothpastes, 4 toothbrushes, 2 packs of hair ties, eyeshadow, lipstick, carmex, and much more!!)

CV and I went to Jimmy G's restaurant that night to meet up with some friends. And ofcourse my friend Sara and I showed up wearing the same leather jacket! Twins!
We watched the Ohio State/Michigan game on Saturday and Ohio State won! Which CV was thrilled about since he is a Ohio State grad.
And I was thrilled about it because I had just bought CV this amazing nutcracker!

The rest of the weekend was spent decorating the Christmas tree, drinking peppermint tea, grubbing on lots of food, watching movies, getting professional massages and doing a little shopping.

It was a pretty fabulous little holiday weekend.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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Caroline said...

Looks like a great weekend to me!