Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tampa Wedding Weekend ~ Part II

Okay, so I don't have the best picture of the newly married couple, but short people don't do well in crowds, so this is the best picture I got from their exit.
The wedding was at 2pm in Downtown Tampa and the reception wasn't until 6pm in Clearwater Beach.
So, we did enjoy a few cocktails in the down time.

Hayley (Miller's little sister), Myself & Stephanie at cocktail hour.

I looooooved their "guest books". They had about five records that guest signed with white/silver pins!
I hope I can think of something this creative for mine! :)

Table #2 was the "dateless" table! All adults without a date were at this table (including me since CV couldn't make it!). This table was amazing, everyone was so friendly and fun! 
A small part of Table #2 included this guy (on the left), who was beyond words.
So crazy, if you can't already tell.
Miller got it right IN HIS FACE for the cake cutting. Brilliant.
And then there was dancing...
More dancing....
And getting to know a fabulous Memphis couple, Brent and Beth!
I've known Brent for years but this was the first time to hang out with his wife Beth and she is AMAZING!!
And spending time with the Groom...
And his fabulous bride...
 And after the wedding was over we rounded the group and headed to the bars!
But not before we took this amazing photo in the hotel lobby.
And this one too.
The Bride and Groom met up with us at the bar...and ofcourse the Bride sand along with the band!
And by the end of the hair went from straight to curly...which meant it was time to go home!

What a fun weekend with amazing friends, new and old!
It was great to have a little getaway and see one of my dearest friends get married to the person he loves!

*And yes, I did tear up at the wedding and completely forgot tissue!
What a rookie mistake!! :)


Meredith said...

looks like a great time!! Great picture of you and Steph!!

Candice Lynn said...

looks like fun! Miller looked so handsome in his tux and bow tie! love it.

Brooke said...

Looks super fun! I love looking at all my pictures after an event like this! =)