Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tampa Wedding Weekend ~ Part I

Thursday, I flew to the sunshine state to celebrate my friends wedding.
Here is the gorgeous view from my  hotel room:
And here is my hot date, Stephanie, at the rehearsal dinner:
The rehearsal dinner venue was at the Clearwater Beach Sailing Center and the views were amazing.
The Happy Couple!
There was delicious Memphis bbq and amazing live music, and then Miller took the stage to sing Annie a special song.
So adorable!
And afterwards the groom met us out at the Pier 60 Rooftop Bar for more drinks!
Me & The Groom
He's not normal.

Fast forward to Saturday.
(Friday was their wedding day and that will be in Part 2)

Saturday was the perfect beach day.
We met up with the newlyweds at the Hyatt Rooftop Pool and celebrated under the sun before their 25hr flight to Thailand! Stephanie and I ate at this little rooftop table. So delightful.
The beach was so beautiful.
After the pool, Stephanie and I walked the beach...
And walked the Clearwater Pier...
And watched the sunset over the gulf.

It was such a great weekend and so glad I got some one-on-one time with my BFF!
*Part II coming tomorrow*


Alyssa said...

BAHH!!!!! I WISH I MET UP WITH YOU!!!! literally i was right there.... merpsss oh well -- we will meet in real life eventually.. we will we will!!! haah but i'm glad to see you had fun and i cant wait to see the wedding :) :)

Legally Lovely said...

Ooooh, that beach looks nice. Wish I was somewhere warm and near the water right now!

Married...with a Pup said...

Soo fun! That view and weather looks amazing!!

Caroline said...

I love it! Why does Miller always feel the need to jump on things??