Monday, October 1, 2012

Tampa Bound

It's almost beach/vacation time as I'm off to Tampa/Clearwater Beach to attend another wedding.

One of my most favorite people in the world is getting married!
 Miller is one of those people who can always make you laugh, no matter the situation. He's always smiling, and always getting into some sort of trouble. Never a dull moment with him.

We were friends in high school but we didn't really start hanging out until around 2008.
He lived in Tampa and I lived in Cincinnati, but we somehow became quick BFFs!

When we are home in Memphis at the same time, we always make it a priority to meet up. This time in particular we had a really rough night of drinking and the next morning I was feeling pretty horrible (as you can tell in the picture). We went to brunch and the ONLY thing I could eat were strawberries because I felt so sick. Well, lets just say I didn't hold down the fruit for very long....and ever since Miller always calls me the "strawberry queen". He thinks its hilarious, but it's pretty much the lamest nickname I've ever gotten.

Partying at the Memphis Grizzlies game with Miller & Stephanie! (Steph is my hot date to the wedding!)

On 4th of July in 2009, Stephanie and I went to visit Miller in Tampa. It was the BEST vacation of nonstop partying. He even picked me up from the airport completely wasted (don't worry he wasn't driving), and immediately took me to the bar and forced 10 shotsdown my throat! (did I mention he likes to party?) This picture is from my last day there before he took me to the airport (sober, thankfully.)

Miller has been to Cincinnati a few times in the past couple of years for work. Sometimes its for a few hours and sometimes its for a whole I ofcourse make him party with me and the Reds Game.

...and at the HofbrÀuhaus in Newport, Kentucky. (where we did the chicken dance)

And the last time I saw him was on Christmas Day in Memphis, which was WAY too long ago.

Miller -
(even though you don't read my blog)
I'm so happy for you and Annie. THE PERFECT MATCH! I seriously couldn't have created a more perfect match for you. I'm so happy & excited I get to share this special day with you both.
P.S. I'm expecting this to be one hell-of-a-party, no pressure.
Strawberry Queen


Candice Lynn said...

I LOVE this post! Congrats, Miller (even though if you don't read the blog you surely aren't going to read my comment) :)

Have fun in Tampa!

... said...

Oh you're coming to Tampa!! Where is the wedding? When are you coming? Are you going to have any free time?!