Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Quick & Short Memphis!

I'm back from my 45 hour vacation in Memphis, TN.
It happened in a blink of an eye, but luckily we crammed as much as we could in this quick weekend.

Friday, we toured my sister's new house in Arlington. I'm quite jealous of her wet bar and her walk through shower with double shower heads! Had dinner with the family at my mom's house. And met up with friends downtown for drinking and mingling at Bardog and Silly Goose.

Saturday, we woke up early to meet my friends Natalie (and hubby) and Kimberly for brunch at Cafe Eclectic. Everytime I am in town I always make plans to meet up with these two girls. They are two of my favorite friends and always make me happy!
Especially on this particular day....but more on that later! :)

After brunch, I took CV to Harbortown to tour the area I used to live. I showed him the grocery store I used to shop at, the place where I used to get my hair cut, and we took a quick stroll by the river so I could show him where I used to run. It's such an amazing area. If you are in Memphis, go check it out!

Then, in Memphis tradition, we had to get BBQ for lunch so we headed to the new
 Central BBQ downtown for a delicous meal. 
And then we got ready for Jeremy & Charlie's wedding!
CV and I before heading out to the wedding.

Me & ML (one of my BFFs from college!)

Me & Stephanie!

It was a beautiful ceremony filled with candles in glass globes hanging from the ceilings, huge lanterns filled with candles and accent lights on the exposed brick walls. It had such a rustic romantic feel!

And I got to see alot of old friends from high school and college! And I got to see Beth again (remember the girl in the middle from my last weekend in Tampa?) We must like the same friends! :) 

Me & the beautiful bride!
I unfortunately didn't get a picture with the groom.

CV and I were exhausted so we crashed pretty soon after we left the wedding...
...and when we woke up, it was already Sunday. :(
CV and I headed back to my mom's for one last meal and chit chat with her and my sister. Then we got back on the road with little Paisley, who had a wonderful spoiled weekend at my mom's house.

It was a fabulous little weekend that went by way too quickly.
Luckily, another trip to Memphis isn't too far away.
Two more months! :)


Cathy said...

Adorable dress! Obsessing over the shower :)


JMc said...

Central BBQ is one of my favs too! I am partial to their nachos, lol. Also, where did you get that cute navy dress?