Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

My Halloween started on Friday night with a spoooky 5k run.
CV and I ran the  Run Like Hell race which goes through a cemetary in the cold/rain/dark and all the runners had on amazing costumes. It was so much fun!
CV dressed up as Forest Gump and I was an eskimo!
(which was a great costume because it was really cold outside)
CV's friend ran with us too, and he was a bride, wearing a strapless wedding dress. Yes, seriously.
Here they are modeling before heading out to the run.

On Saturday, our friends had a Halloween Party at their house.
So we put on the same costumes (I washed them, ofcourse) and headed downtown to party with our friends.
I should have bought white furry earmuffs to really sell my costume. Ohwell! :)
Our friends C&D dressed up as the Gotye music video. Isn't this cool?
Music Video:
C&D's costume:
 There was also dancing, watching the World Series, drinking, and playing flip cup.
 And there were awards...and my handsome Forest Gump won 1st Place in Best Costume!
Way to go, CV!


Caroline said...

Love this. I wish we had a fun run like that here. Love the Gotye costume. That's so clever.

Legally Lovely said...

That 5K looks like so much fun! Love the costumes, but can't imagine how hard it would be to run in a wedding dress! CV looked awesome, as did you!

Brooke said...

Great pictures! Looks like you guys had a bunch of fun!

Happy Halloween!



jessica said...

looks like ya'll had fun, cute costume!!