Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Five Years Ago Today - Part II

I think most people can pinpoint an event or moment in their past relationship
 when they knew it wasn't going to work anymore.
Mine was Five Years Ago Today.
THE DAY I moved to Cincinnati to live with my then boyfriend.
Yes, you heard that correctly.
THE DAY I moved to Cincinnati was the SAME DAY I realized I wanted out of the relationship.
Talk about bad timing.

I had boarded the plane that was taking me to Cincinnati.
Well, Dayton Airport to be exact, which was about 1hour+ away.
I was nervous, excited, overwhelmed and anxious
And so happy that I was taking this big step in my relationship.

The flight seemed to take forever.
Sitting on runways longer than expected
Rerouting the plane due to weather.
You know the drill.

I kept daydreaming about being picked up at the airport
Being twirled in the air, being brought flowers
Being greeted by someone who was soooo over the top happy to see me
By someone who was appreciative that I had made so many sacrfices to move here.
Funny thing about daydreams.

I landed at the airport about 30 minutes later than expected.
I turned on my phone and saw a gazillion missed calls and texts. 
But they weren't the "I can't wait to see you" texts that I was expecting
They were the "where the hell are you?" kind of texts.

I called as fast as I could.
He yelled as loud as he could.
Apparently, it was my fault the plane was late
And my fault that he had to leave work early and missed an important meeting to pick me up.
Apparently, picking up your girlfriend who just moved 500 miles wasn't important.
I was just finding this out.

I get to baggage claim, still thinking he would be there to hug me, since I hadn't seen him in 4 weeks.
And to carry my luggage, like a gentleman.
But he wasnt there.
He was waiting in his car, outside the airport, in the parking lot.
So mad about losing 30 minutes he didn't even have the kindness of curbside assitance.

I finally got in his car.
Still hopelessly waiting for an apology, a hug
Or a belated "im so glad you are here and you moved here for me"
Instead, I got silence.
All because of a delayed flight I had no control over.
There was zero talking the entire way "home".
Remember how I said the airport was 1hr+ away?
:Complete Silence:

It was a two year + relationship
That had more downs than ups.
But it only took this event, this moment, these 5 minutes at the airport
To finally realize I deserved more...
 It was only a couple months later that I realized I wasn't happy
And decided to part ways.
I got a new job, got my own place, and started a brand new life on my own.
Yes, in Cincinnati.


Isn't it crazy how much life can change in 5 years?
Or really, in 5 minutes?


Sarah said...

You are a brave soul!! I can't wait to hear more of this story!

Candice Lynn said...

I LOVE this post. and Love you more. and Love that you realized you were better than that! Getting flowers all the time isn't so bad, huh? ;)

Legally Lovely said...

eeeeeek. Sounds like you were right to break things off with this guy; I was cringing reading about his response to your being late. ugh.

I think you have it a little better now! :)

Kristen Seuberling said...

I can't believe how brave you are to have moved everything, and then decided to start over again so quickly after thinking that you had already had your fresh start! Good for you for not staying in a relationship that made you unhappy.

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

It is insane and I love how you ensure your happiness comes first. Can't wait to hear the rest!!

natalie @ stickles family blog said...

Three words... NEW YEARS EVE!!!!

Crying on the curb on Beale trying to hail a cab at 2 am! D.O.N.E!

Love you!