Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A weekend I'd like to put on repeat

Last week was a pretty fantastic week followed by a outrageously amazing weekend.
I would like to relive it again please!!

Tuesday, I had my first "blate" with Sarah. We met at Keystone for dinner & drinks and lots of chit chat!
Wednesday, I attended the W&S Tennis Open and saw Andy Murray and Venus Williams play tennis! (Both are recent Olympic Gold Medalists)
Thusday, my friend Erin arrived from L.A. for the weekend and brought her sister Molly!
We all met up for dinner at Dewey's to catch up and plan the ultimate weekend!
Friday, my friend Jessica arrived from Chicago and my friend Joe drove down from Columbus!  We all went out for dinner and drinks and a night on the town in OTR.
Saturday, we all went to the Reds Game (seen here). And had another night of dinner, drinks, and a crazy night on the town! And another friend, Tinter, came in from Cleveland to join in the shenanigans.
Sunday, a few of us went to brunch at Maribelles, with another friend Andy who was in town from Nashville for the day. And then Erin and I just spend the entire day shopping and spending time together before her flight back to L.A.

All these out of town friends + 6 Cincinnati friends (me, Emily, CV, Jessie, Michael, Bono) =
one amazing weekend

Here are photos from my weekend! :)

The old crew, hanging out before going out on Friday.
Jessica, Emily, Erin, Me

Dinner at Bakersfield in OTR
Jessie, Emily, Michael, Molly, Me, Erin, Jessica
Dancing/singing/drinking the night away at Lackmans, Japps, and Neons!

Dinner at Nada on Saturday Night
Jessica, Molly, Erin, Me, Emily
CV joined us for dinner and a night of partying too!
P.S. those are little birdies on my dress...incase you wanted to know.
Lots of shots at Scene, compliments of Joe!
Me, Emily, Tinter, Erin, Molly, Joe
Partying at FB's! Such a fun group!
My tiny fist of furry.
The old Cincinnati gang is back together again!!!
Me, Erin, Jessica, CV, Joe
Our "inside joke" photo. Hilarious.

So happy all my favorite people were in town to party together this weekend.
It's so delightful to hang out with a HUGE group where everyone genuinely enjoys everyone's company and has fun with each and every person involved.
There was alot of smiling, hugging and laughing all weekend.
I'm so grateful to have these people in my if only they all still lived in Cincinnati! :(


Erin said...

Dangggg girl! You guys tore UP Cincinnati ;) I'm trying to convince the husband to take me to Nada this weekend- I NEED IT :) Ps- way cool you were at the tennis tourney, I've never been!!

Sarah said...

So so fun and what a delicious looking weekend! How was Bakersfield??

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

That sounds like the most awesome week ever! I watched the tennis on TV...wish I could have been there!

Legally Lovely said...

That looks like so much fun! I've wanted to go to Nada for a really long time; how was it?