Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Five Years Ago Today - Part I

People always ask me "what brought you to Cincinnati"
And (until I get to know them) my typical response is "my job"
Nobody ever questions it since it's such a logical response.
But it's always been a lie.

Five years ago today...
I was packing up my life.

My tiny apartment was filled with boxes
It was in Memphis. In Harbortown. On the Mississippi River.
Where I took daily strolls along the park
And shopped at a cute local grocery store called Miss Cordelia's
I was minutes away from my best friends condo
and a $5 cab ride from a night out on the town.
I had a huge walk in closet
but the tiniest kitchen.

It was my fourth year at the bank
I'd already been promoted three times.
Had a wonderful boss
Got to talk to Justin Timberlake on the phone (shameless name drop)
It was a short walk to the famous restaurant, Rendezvous
and a 5 minute commute from home.
 I could do laundry on my lunchbreak if I really needed to.

Most of the family lived close.
Mom, sister, and brother all lived a short drive away.
If my car broke down my brother could come to the rescue within minutes.
I saw my sister at least once a week, especially since we had class together.
Home cooked meals were 20 minutes away.
If I was sick, there was soup.
Help was at my fingertips.

Handfulls of friends.
From highschool, from college,
from just being awesome (just kidding)
were constantly surrounding me with love
with laughter, and sometimes with trouble.

I had just finished my MBA program.
I felt smart.
And I was excited to add those three letters on my resume.
A resume that I would need to update immediately
Because I was moving.
It was the plan to move once I finished my MBA.
A move where I didn't get to pick the place.
And today was the day.

I broke my lease.
I quit my job.
I sold my car. (yup)
My friends threw me a going away party.
I had one last homecooked meal with my family.
I hugged them all
And I cried.

And then I left for Cincinnati, Ohio for my then relationship.

To Be Continued...


Kristen Seuberling said...

What a big leap to make, especially going from Memphis to Cincinnati! Can't wait to hear the next part of the story.

Married...with a Pup said...

Very, very interesting! I've never been to Memphis...but now that I've checked out Nashville, it's the place I want to go next!

Angie said...

You have me intrigued- waiting for part 2