Thursday, June 28, 2012

Austin: Dirty Six

Friday night, after our day touring South Congress, we got ready for our first night out on the town.
The whole group: Meg, Rachel, Bev, Candice, April, ME, Ginger, Sara
And the three BHS ladies from the group. Yup, we've been friends since high school.
10+ Years of Friendship. Feels good!
Having a drink before dinner:
 And getting photo bombed.
 We had dinner at Stubbs BBQ, and then headed out to Sixth Street.
The street was absolutely crazy!!! Guys (bar managers) were chasing us down on the street asking if they could buy us free rounds of drinks. We didn't have to pay for a drink ALL NIGHT.
After hours of drinking and dancing, some of us got a late night pizza and called it a night.
*Be back soon with more fun from my trip.


Erin said...

Totally jealous of your girls trip!!! I need one of those! And YAY for long-time friends :)

I love everyone's dresses/outfits, you all are so darn cute! No wonder you got free drinks all night!!! ;)

meghan said...

This looks like a fun night! Where is your dress from? I love it!