Friday, January 13, 2017

Five Questions for Mommas!!

I decided to focus my "Friday Five" post about Five Questions I have for fellow mommas out there. Please share your wisdom with me!!!

1. When did you start potty training??? Leah actually tells me every time she goes "peepee" and "poopoo" and tugs at her diaper. Just by her knowing what is going on, I feel like she's getting close to being able to be potty trained. What do you think? She is almost 19months old....any suggestions on where to begin or did you do anything that worked???

2. When did you stop using sippy cups??? Leah actually drinks milk out of a "learner cup" and I'm wondering I should move her to more of a "big girl" cup. I've given her other cups but she loves to purposely spill things so I'm still stuck on this learner cup because it doesn't spill/leak.  I would love to try more straw cups, but they seem to all leak when you turn them upside down, and Leah loves doing that! Any suggestions???

3.  When did you give your child a pillow to sleep with?? I folded a blanket and tucked it under her fitted sheet to act as a "practice pillow". She uses it sometimes, but she still moves around a lot in bed. What age did you give your kiddo a pillow...and when did you move them out of the crib, or take a side of the crib down?

4. Why is it so hard to brush Leah's teeth? All she wants to do is suck the water off the toothbrush and does not actually brush her teeth.  I researched dentists and a lot of them won't see her until she is two.  Any suggestions on how I can brush her teeth??? I'd hate to go to her first dentist appointment and get any bad news.
5. Is there anything else I should be thinking of for a 19month old??? Haha, such a general question, but it's hard to remember everything I should be doing at this point. So much going on with her fast development!!

THANKS so much to all my mommas out there who are reading this! I really appreciate any responses of your experiences!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Lately....and Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year, everyone!
I've been off the grid for a few weeks so now I feel like I need a "Lately..." blog posting to catch everyone up with my life.
This blog post is great for all those (like me) who love lists.

My Life Lately:
+ I bought a brand new car and said goodbye to my old car of 9 years. It feels so good to buy a new car, but am I the only person who does NOT like the "new car smell"???
+ We celebrated the holidays!! I never blogged about NYE, Christmas, or even Thanksgiving. I'm a horrible blogger, ya'll. Haha. So here is the holidays in a nutshell:
+ Thanksgiving was spent with our "second family" in Cincinnati and it was lovely. It was fun seeing Leah eat her first real Thanksgiving dinner (last year she just drank milk!) And Leah loved petting their sweet family dog.
+ I partied hard one night! My besties were in town during Christmas and stayed the night on the 23rd. We went to Anchor in OTR for drinks, followed by dinner at Zula. Then we went downtown for bar hopping (literally stopped by every bar for a drink and a shot) and didn't get home until after 2:30am! This momma was TIRED! haha.

+ Christmas Eve was spent with CV's extended family and it was a lot of fun bc there are a lot of kids all around Leah's age. We had a BBQ dinner and had a fun white elephant gift exchange.
+ Christmas Day was spent with my two loves, opening presents and having lots of delish food and fun play time. CV bought me two necklaces that I wanted, and I bought him a MVMT watch.
Leah got everything from clothes and shoes, to arts and crafts, to a basketball hoop and fun toys.
+ I also bought CV a squatty potty and he says its the best present he's ever received. hahaha. Does anyone else have one???
+ I was off work the last week of the year, so Leah and I spent a lot of fun time together, then we traveled to Memphis to spend time with my family and celebrate a delayed Christmas.
+ We had a late Christmas dinner at my moms house with family.
+ And we Rang in the New Year in Memphis with my BFF, and Leah stayed the night over my moms house, (only the 2nd night away from mommy since she's been born!)
+ We also celebrated CV's birthday in Memphis by dining at Rendevous for BBQ, visiting the Memphis Pyramid (Bass Pro Shop) and going to the very top, and watching the Ohio State game
Welp, that seems to be all I can think of for now, so there you have are now ALL CAUGHT UP with Jax. 
Now, I can focus more on the New Year and good things to come for 2017! :)

Thursday, January 5, 2017

18 Months with Leah

The month's are flying by...
This little nugget is already ONE AND A HALF YEARS OLD! (As of 12/13/16 oops I'm late!) Every month that goes by, it's my new favorite age, I just adore this age where she is becoming independent, can somewhat vocalize what she wants and still wants to (sometimes) snuggle with her mama. She's the perfect little 1.5 year old!
Height/Weight: Our official weigh in was this week at 21.2 pounds. (fully clothed) which makes her in the 30 percentile.  She was 81cm long, in the 50 percentile. And I forget the measurement but her head was in the 30 percentile.
Diapers: Still in Pampers Baby Dry Size 3.
Clothing: She's mostly in 18month clothing. Carter's and BabyGap are my two favorites.
And sometimes we even dress like twins! :)

Teeth: She currently has 4 top front teeth and two molars (one on each side) and 3 bottom teeth...and the fourth bottom one just poked through.  Sweet girl is in a lot of tooth pain.
Words she can say:  She can say soooo many words now, this is probably not even a complete list: 
Da-da, Ma-Ma, Doggie (kinda sounds like "dada" but she says it a little different), Shoes (sounds like "doos"), Bubbles, Uh-oh, Baby, Bebe (Grandma V), Toodles, Hi, Woah, Up, Ball, Apple, Car, Eyes, No-No, Book, Cracker, Purple, Bye-Bye, Night-Night, More, Mine. Thank You.
We also just started repeating us a lot recently so a lot more words to come! 
Words she can Sign:  Milk, Eat, More, All Done

Some fun/interesting things she does: 
+ Raise her hands if you ask "how big is Leah?"
+ Give high fives
+ Point out a head, nose, ears, cheek, mouth, eyes, feet, tummy and belly button.
+ If you hand her a tissue, you can get her to wipe her feet or clean her nose with it.
+ Blow her nose.
+ Get me a plate out when I'm making her dinner
+ Help me put her plates up when I am unloading the dishwasher.
+ Open the pantry and get out the dog treats.
+Fill the dog bowl up with dog food with a shovel
Nicknames: We still call her "bug". Either Leah-bug or Baby-bug or Bug-Bug. 
Likes: feeding the dog, eating off a fork, new shoes, playing with her belly button, throwing balls, opening and closing doors, taking stuff out and then putting them back, helping mama and dada with errands, running around the bookstore, eating crackers or chips
Dislikes: not wearing shoes, when you tell her "no more" after she's already given the dog 10 treats, lots of food (she's becoming a picky eater!), taking snapchat selfies with mommy! hahaha.

Want to catch up on Leah's milestones...visit here:
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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Our Family Photo Session

We took our fall family photos in October this year, but I've been hoarding them until after our Christmas card went out, as I always like my friends and family to receive their card and it being the first time they've seen the picture.
So now that everyone's received their cards, I can now share all my favorite family photos.
For my Cincinnatians, we met at Glenwood Gardens which is one of my favorite parks for photography. I just love all the beauty of this park.
The one thing I didn't love about our pictures was the outfits that I chose..gosh, picking outfits is SO HARD! Ohwell, there is always next year to get this outfit thing right!
Love this little family of mine!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Our Picture with Santa

Like I mentioned in my holiday bucket list, getting Leah's picture taken with Santa was on the list!
Last year, Leah was pretty content meeting Santa. She didn't cry, but she didn't smile either.
This year, was a whole different story, as I guess she's old enough to know that sitting on a strangers lap (an old, big bearded stranger in a funny outfit) is pretty creepy. Haha. 
And just for the record, I WILL NOT be going back to the mall on any Saturday or Sunday until 2017. The traffic/parking/mall was complete chaos and the worst part was that I couldn't even get Chickfila for lunch because the line was 50 deep. (So I ate a mall pretzel for lunch instead, which was delicious!)

After our quick trip to the mall for a Santa picture, we headed to our favorite bookstore for a playdate with Leah's bestie. I love this bookstore because there is a train table, a play kitchen, and of course all the books you need. Or you could just ignore all the fun toys and just lay on the floor with your friend and laugh.

And that was our Saturday!
Hope everyone is having a great hump day, today! :)

Monday, December 5, 2016

2016 Holiday Bucket List

The holiday season is here!!
Time to bust out my Christmas CDs and listen to my favorite songs! ("Oh Holy Night" is my top favorite) Along with listening to music, there are a lot of other festive things I want to do this season, so I put together some of my holiday-must-dos and I can't wait to knock these things off my list!


1. Put up the Christmas Tree - We actually put up our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving morning and decorated it this past weekend. We usually do two christmas trees (one in the Living Room and one in the Bonus Room) but this year we just decided on one in the Bonus Room. It's super cozy, especially when we have our gas fireplace going!
2. Send Christmas Cards - This one is always on the top of my list! I love sending and receiving Christmas Cards. Last year, we made our cards through Tiny Prints and it was by far my favorite Christmas Card of ALL TIME. I don't know how I will ever beat it. Haha. But this year we had family photos taken and I chose one of my favorite family photos for it and I absolutely love the finished result!! We've used a lot of card services in the past, but Tiny Prints is my favorite one, there are so many modern options and they have very high quality cardstock! (I love the foiled ones!)
This year I upgraded to the gold envelope; I just love getting colored envelopes in the mail, don't you!? They just "pop" and stand out from the other mail.
3. Take our traditional Photo - Two years ago, CV and I took our "we are expecting!!!" picture in front of this Christmas Village in our neighborhood. We went back last year with Leah to show how much has changed in a year...but now, I feel like we need to continue the tradition and go back each year to take another picture.
4. Attend Christmas Village - For my Cincinnati friends, The Christmas Village I mentioned above is in Montgomery and has a light display and Santa event on weekend nights during December. We went opening night and it was super cold and super crowded, but still a fun event for kids.
5. Have "Breakfast with Santa" - Our city has a cute "breakfast with santa" event that is $5 for all-you-can-eat pancakes and you get a picture with Santa. I love family events like this!
6. Build a Gingerbread House - I hit up Michaels for Leah's gingerbread house kit and with my coupons it only came to $5!! We put it together last night and....well...I honestly thought it would be prettier. Haha. It's harder than it looks.

7. Watch Elf - It's my favorite Christmas movie!! If you haven't seen it - please go watch it tonight!
8. Make a personalized ornament for our tree - Another tradition is creating a personalized picture ornament for our tree. I've created Chris one every year since we met in 2010, and I can't wait until we are in our 50's and have a full tree of only personalized ornaments that I made year after year.
9. Put out cookies for Santa - I'm not into the "elf on the shelf" craziness, but I am into putting out Reindeer Food in the grass and putting out cookies for Santa! (Especially because I am Santa and I love me some cookies!)
10. Take a picture with Santa - Another tradition where we head to the mall and stand in line for a picture with Santa.  Here is last years picture. Tiny little Santa baby! :)
Well, that's my TOP 10 and I'm itching to start crossing things of the list right away, especially by mailing my Tiny Prints Christmas cards!!

Oh, how I have so much fun to look forward to this holiday.

What's the top items on your holiday to do list??? 

Monday, November 14, 2016

A Day In The Life - Week Day

Happy Monday, everyone! Since I've always loved reading "a day in the life" blog posts, I thought I would start out this week by sharing a day in the life of our family.  Here is our weekday edition with two full-time working parents and a 17 month old toddler.

Average Weekday:
7:00AM: I wake up at 7am and immediately jump in the shower. I literally sleep until the very last second until I absolutely have to wake up. #notamorningperson
7:30AM: Leah wakes up anywhere between 7am-8am. CV get's her out of the crib and changed/dressed for the day. She eats milk and Cheerios for breakfast, and sits on the floor in the living room and eats it while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (rarely), or walks around the house causing trouble (always): putting her hands in the dog food bowls, playing with mommy's makeup, and creating a mess throughout the house that I try to clean up before I leave the house at 8AM.
8:30AM: When CV is ready for work, he puts Leah in her car seat and drops her off at daycare around 8:30am.  The daycare schedule is: breakfast 8:30am, plays, eats lunch 11:30am, naps 1-2pm, snack 3pm, plays, etc. They also have music time, art time, and a variety of other learning activities throughout the day. 
8:00AM-5PM: Meanwhile, I leave for work at 8am and arrive 10-15 minutes late every day. (Oops!) I work in treasury, so my job is a lot of meetings, analysis, projects and more meetings. I usually go home for lunch and let Paisley out and start a load of laundry, or run errands and grab something quick to eat. There aren't a lot of people at work to eat lunch with like at my last job, so instead I make my lunch breaks more productive. 
5:00PM: I leave work at exactly 5pm so I can rush to pick up Leah! (I really do miss her all day!) Right when we get home, I put her in her Step 2 push car and push her to the mailbox to check the mail. She loves checking the mail when we get home.
5:30PM:  I prepare Leah's dinner and put her in the highchair by 5:30pm.  I make all sorts of things for dinner, but it's always something quick because she's always hungry.  Last night, I made these, but Leah was more interested in just eating strawberries for dinner. You win some, you lose some.
6:00PM:  After she eats, we play and wait for daddy to come home from work. 
6:30PM:  Leah takes a bath every 3rd day unless she gets really dirty, so on bath nights we bathe and play in the bathtub and then get into pajamas. (I am always in charge of baths, and CV usually cooks while I am doing that.) If it's not bath night, we either take a walk or have family play time (complete with dance parties) and then get into pajamas.
*BTW: How adorable are these fun bath letters from Nuby!?! We love them!

7:00PM: We always offer Leah a drink and a snack before she goes to bed. This always helps her sleep through the night to make sure she had enough to eat.
7:30PM: We take turns rocking Leah to bed with a sippy cup of milk. She is usually always asleep by 8pm.
8:00PM-9PM: After she falls asleep, then CV and I finish making dinner and sit down to eat. We usually watch recorded episodes of Jeopardy while we eat dinner.
9:00PM: I hand wash all of Leah's sippy cups and prepare her bag for daycare for the next day.  I'm also either washing dishes, folding laundry or cleaning something before we settle down on the couch to watch a little more TV before bed.
10:30PM: I'm finally in bed for the night, goodnight.

So that's an average Monday-Friday at our house. It's very go-go-go and very little time being spent with Leah since we only see her for less than an hour in the morning and about 2-3 hours at night. I guess that's the life all full-time working parents go through.  Good thing for weekends so I can soak up all my time with my sweet weekend day-in-the-life coming soon.

*I wrote a day-in-the-life post before I had Leah. The biggest change is that we used to go to sleep at midnight or afterwards. way could I do that anymore! :)

Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Five

I haven't participated in a Friday Five in a LONG Time, so please welcome me back as I list five fun things we've be up to lately...
+ Riding a Train:  Leah and I (and our friends) went on the Lebanon Railroad Fall Flyer.  They advertise this as a fun fall event to ride the railroad around Lebanon, but honestly I thought it was a snooooooze fest. I'd much rather do something where Leah can run around a little bit more. I have honestly no idea why it's all the rave, other than getting a "free" pumpkin at the end (admission was $15, so it's really not free) - do people really like to sit and ride a train for an hour and look out the window at trees? Apparently so, because it was crowded.
But there was one fun thing about it?? Having a sucker for the first time. She loved it!
+ Park Fun:  We've been to the park a few times lately to play on the playgrounds and I just love it! Usually we go on the weekends with CV, but I took Leah after work/daycare one day and we had so much fun just the two of us. She loves the slides and swings the most.
Isn't the double swing so much fun???

+ Trick or Treating: We did a little trick or treating with cousins this year. It was so cute seeing Leah pick a piece of candy from people, and also fun watching her ride in a wagon with her cousin.
+ Bubbles and Dance Parties:  Two of Leah's favorite things are Bubbles and Dance Parties. We had fun with these every day while we were in OBX, and continue doing them at home.  Leah's favorite song right now is Meghan Trainer - Me Too. She will dance her little diaper off when she hears that song.
+ TV Shows: And I must end with talking about two amazing TV shows that I am hooked on this season! Because after all the park adventures and dance parties when Leah is sound asleep, CV and I usually plant ourselves in front of the TV, so I'm glad I found two shows I love.  
- This Is Us: If you haven't seen it yet, please go On Demand and start watching them from the beginning, the first episode made me cry happy tears so hard.
- Secrets and Lies: If you like mysteries, this show is SO GOOD. Again, you must start it from the beginning of this season (it's a new story with new cast every season), I seriously look forward to Sunday nights now so I can find out what happens next.
And both shows are on regular TV so you don't need cable or Netflix!

Thanks for joining my Friday Five post.
What have you been up to lately???