Monday, November 17, 2014


You've probably noticed that every couple of months I post a blog titled "Lately..."
That's when you know life is much to busy to be producing daily/weekly blog postings and I need to sum everything up in a quick post to show everyone that I am alive and I didn't give up on my blog! :)
Two weeks ago, CV and I headed down to Memphis for a long weekend for some friend & family time! As always, we stayed with my BFF Stephanie! We ate dinner at Babalu's on Friday night and then went to the Madison Rooftop & dinner at Eighty3 Saturday night. We definitely ate very well while we were there! :)
We also spent a lot of time with my family during the day Saturday & Sunday. My mom made a huge family dinner Sunday night that was delish...and the rest of the time was spent playing with the kiddos! The kiddos looooove Uncle Chris! :)
The day we got back from Memphis, we had to rush to get our kitchen cleaned out because demolition started first thing the next morning. Here is what it looked like in the morning....and when we came home from work!!
Since then, we've hired an electrician who put all the wiring behind the walls and moved our wires to where the new appliances will be....and the drywall guy is actually working this week to fix the walls and ceiling from where the soffits were. And then, we have to move the water line since we are moving our fridge to the other side of the room. Exciting, huh!! :)
Other than living through a kitchen renovation...editing photos...eating take out & ice cream...and trying to stay warm during our first snow in Cincinnati is moving along swimmingly.
Hope everyone is staying warm! :) back soon!

Thursday, October 23, 2014


If you follow me on Instagram, then you know how much fun my girls and I had on our girls beach trip!
We arrived bright and early on Friday morning...stuffed our faces with shrimp & hush puppies for lunch and hit the beach while we waited on the rest of the gang to arrive.
Gangs All Here!
Every day was spent soaking up sun on the beach, chit chatting and laughing our butts off!
I also buried Kimberly in the sand. Haha. #grownups
And I held a JELLYFISH! (apparently the clear ones don't have stingers!)
Pretty much every day was spent eating breakfast together...going to the beach...eating lunch together...spending more time at the beach....then showering and cooking or getting ready to go out for dinner! Perfect little vaca.
And the last morning was spent celebrating Natalie's birthday. #wewokeuplikethis
We ate cake for breakfast, went to the beach, drank lots of wine and got ready for a delish dinner.
...and before we knew was Tuesday morning and time to head to the airport to make our flight back home!
My heart is so happy that I got to spend four amazing days with these ladies! They have been in my life for many many years (some 15+ years!) but the last year has been my favorite with them. They have been there for me through good times and bad and I truly love each and every single one of them. I'm so lucky to have you all in my life.
Love you girls forever!
(Can't wait until our #bestiebeachtrip 2015!)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Taking A Break...At The Beach!!!

My beach trip with five of my favorite girls couldn't have come at a better time!
I've been working 60+ hour weeks the past month and I'm literally soooo tired and sooooo worn out. So needless to say, I am so happy that the next week will be spent taking a much needed break by RELAXING ON THE BEACH.
Sippin' on some drinks, sticking my toes in the sand, getting some much needed sun, reading a book (although I haven't even had time to go BUY a book - so I'll probably buy one at the airport), maybe another cheesy photo session...and best of all - I get to spend five amazing days with five amazing girls. It can't get much better than that!
Today, my friend Alison and I are driving down to Nashville to have a fun dinner and spend the night with her sister...and then we will be up bright and early for our flight to FL.
(Driving & flying out of Nashville was like $300 cheaper than flying out of Cincinnati!)
Candice and April are meeting us at the airport and flying with us....and then Natalie and Kimberly will be shortly behind as they are driving from TN & AR.
Candice wasn't there for the first girls get together - so here's a picture of us in Austin TX a few years ago! :)
I can't wait!!!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!! :)

Friday, October 10, 2014

NOT doing it all...

When I first started my photography business, I was pretty eager to photograph everything and everyone who was willing to hire me. I really didn't know what exactly I wanted to photograph - because well, I had NO experience in photographing anything yet.
But now, and in the 20 months I've been in business, I've photographed children, families, extended families, proposals, newborns, bridal portraits, parties, engagements, events, maternity, seniors, couples and weddings.
Phew - that is a lot of different offerings.
And I can honestly say, some of these categories I absolutely LOVE photographing.
But there are some I don't necessarily love to photograph.
I've known this about myself for a while now...but when someone calls and wants to hire me for X amount of money...and I'm free that day. It's really hard to turn down the money. (Even though that "gig" isn't necessarily what I really want to be photographing.)
But if I want to be happy as a photographer...I need to only photograph the things that I WANT TO PHOTOGRAPH. I mean, this is my SIDE business by the way.
 I need to remember NOT to take jobs for the money, but to take jobs because I truly enjoy doing them. I don't need to do it all!
Soooooo, with that being said.
This month I'm taking a dive into my current photography offerings and removing the categories that don't give me that extra special feeling when I get booked for a job.
So stay tuned.
As this might be the last time you see any wedding photography from me...
....or is it???? :)
*Thanks for checking out all my sneak peeks from the past few sessions! :)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Ugliest Kitchen (OURS!!)

Welcome to my (ugly) kitchen!
(Picture from realtors website)
This is our current kitchen. 
It has seashell wallpaper, rustic country hardware, yellow square tile backsplash, an original 1960's oven/stove
and the fridge is probably that old too. Bulkheads line the top of our cabinets (which are also lined with sticky
paper inside), the floor tile is squeaky, the dishwasher is broken and don't even get me started on the countertops. 
It doesn't have a pantry. It doesn't have any counter space...and it is all topped off with a huge florescent light.
(Picture from realtors website)
We've been in our home for 7 months now...and I am happy to say it is FINALLY time to update our kitchen!! Woooohoooooo!!
We are getting new lights / flooring / cabinets / hardware / appliances / farm sink / countertops / and tearing down the bulkheads / moving the fridge to the opposite wall/ and adding a real pantry! :)
Basically the only thing we are keeping the same in that room is the window! :)
Ahhhhhhh, I can't wait for a BRAND NEW kitchen!!!
Glad I got to share what my current kitchen looks like...before we tear it all down!
Have you ever completely renovated your kitchen??
If so, I'd love to hear about it!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Say Cheese

Photographers (at least not me) never say "Say Cheeeeese" to my customers!
Instead, I have a variety of things I say instead..."look off into the distance without smiling."
(P.S. Aren't these trees AMAZING!!! I am so happy that this senior wanted to climb into the trees
- they just made the most perfect photos!!)
"Look directly at the camera and smile"
"....and put your hand on his chest."
"Put your hands on your belly/Put your hands in your pocket,"
"Wrap your arm around her and look into each others eyes."
"Hold your flowers down and cross your arms "
And sometimes I don't say anything at all! :)
There is a lot that goes into creating a good picture - being in charge of telling people where to look/when to smile/how to stand/where to stand/what to do with their a small part of the photographers job to get you the best photo. (there's a lot more too!)
Just wanted to share some of my recent photo sessions! See more on my FB here!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

While in Michigan...

I took a little road trip to Michigan this past weekend for my cousins wedding.
CV couldn't come with me due to being busy with work...
so I made my sister & this little nugget (my niece) be my date!
My sister & niece flew in from Memphis, so it was great to see them! 
I haven't seen them since May.
The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and started off by acknowledging the people in their lives that have passed that have affected their lives. My dads name was one of them that was called.
They also displayed his picture at their reception. (A picture from my wedding - and one of my favorite pictures of him!)
Although it was emotional, I'm so happy they included him in their wedding day!
Then ofcourse there was dinner/cake/dancing/photobooth picture taking and goofing off! :)
(me with my cousin Annette) and (Madelyn and I being goofy)
All and all - it was a great wedding and I'm so happy for my cousin, Jamie!!
The next morning, we snuggled in bed, ate at Cracker Barrel (or as my niece calls it "Barrel Cracker"), and then I hit the road to drive back to Cincinnati.
It was a great little 24-hour trip to MI to see my family! :)
Now...back to another fun filled weekend!