Thursday, May 4, 2017

Life Lately

My life has been super busy lately.  Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm+ is spent running from meeting to meeting  and working hard at crossing items off my endless to do list. I'm managing several large projects at work so my brain is in constant overdrive in these hours.  Then, I leave work to pick up Leah from daycare, drive home and after I change out of my work clothes (into sweatpants, duh!), I start making Leah dinner. She eats, we play, I bathe her, we play....I rock and sing her to sleep.
AND THEN....I finally get some "relaxation time"'s enough time to eat dinner with my husband, watch an hour of tv and go to sleep.  Ya'll....Monday-Friday is hard!
(and yes I know, I only have ONE kid! ha.)
Sooooo, on the weekends I always try to do something fun with Leah, and lately we've been having so much fun finding new things to do.

We've been loooooving the zoo and have been 4-5 times this year.  We went on Easter weekend with some friends, and went again this past weekend. (for $3 you can feed the giraffes!!)
Leah also enjoyed her first Easter Egg hunt at a local church.  It was so much fun, especially because we ran into some cousins while we were there! She actually got two eggs with prize numbers in it! She won a cup and a gift card for a McDonalds happy meal!
We attended story time at a bookstore. It was a cute little event, and I was surprised that Leah continued to wear her crown. We also went to Starbucks one morning, and the manager gave her a complimentary cake pop (for being the cutest customer, I'm assuming!)  She didn't like it very much - which I was happy about since he gave her a cake pop for BREAKFAST! (where's my eyeroll emoji)

 One day in April, our friend hosted a "crab fest" and it was amazing. We had endless crab legs and other delicious foods and the company of all of our sweet friends. It was such a fun day and Leah spent the day playing with all her friends.
One weekend, we met friends at the Cincinnati Butterfly Exhibit.  This event was one of CV & I's first dates, so being able to take Leah to this event was super special to me.

Afterwards, CV and I stopped by Eden Park, which has amazing views of the Ohio River. Then, we went to El Toro, a Mexican restaurant, where Leah devoured an entire beef taco! :)
On Easter, we made brunch reservations at Parkers, which has a killer brunch spread. The only downfall is it's like $40 a person and CV and I probably only ate like $4 worth of food that day. Luckily, Leah got her money worth by tasting bacon for the first time. SHE LOVES BACON!
And those have been our fun and eventful weekends in Cincinnati lately!!
What are some fun activities you do with your toddler!?? 

Monday, March 13, 2017

The world is your playground! (+ a quick 21month update)

 The weather in Cincinnati has been crazy so far this year.
It's only March and we've already been to the zoo twice (we didn't even wear heavy coats when we went in January!) and had dozens of trips to the local parks so Leah can play on the playground.
There's a new park in our neighborhood that is super amazing, but soooooooo crowded. The place is swarming with kids, parents, dogs, flying balls in the air, etc!! It's definitely good for entertainment, but watching your sweet daughter wait in line to go down the slide (and watch the bigger kids skip her in line!!!!!) sure does take the fun out of going to the park.
So a few weeks ago, we ventured out to an "old park playground" to play.  This poor little playground gets no love anymore since the new one was built. But Leah loved that she didn't have to wait in line for the slide...and went down it as many times as she wanted with no one in her way.
 And this mommy liked it because I could bring my camera and take pictures of my sweet girl playing, with no photo bombers! :)
 I even went down the slide a few times myself....and there was absolutely no one to judge (or laugh) at me. I only had one spectator...and she was full of encouragement. :)

And a few things I wanted to remember since Leah just turned 21 months"
1. Yesterday, I taught Leah how to say "I miss you!" She will say, "I miss you, Mommy.", "I miss you, Daddy".  It is the absolute sweetest thing I've ever heard.
2. Yesterday, CV was wearing a shirt that said "BOSS" on it. (Hugo Boss). Leah pointed at the shirt and said "Baaaaa...Baaaaa....(like she was sounding it out).....Boooossss".  CV and I both looked at each other and were like "CAN SHE READ????" Hahaha.  We are still a little shocked.
3. Leah likes to shorten phrases.  We play Peek-a-boo, but Leah will jump around the corner and shout "A-BOO".  She also used to say "Fishies" but now she just says the "sheees" part.
4. I think she has all her teeth, except her incisors (the sharp ones).
5. She is still in size 3 diapers but I'm going to upgrade her to size 4 as soon as we run out of size3.
6. She LOVES to go "Outside" and will demand her coat and want to put it on to go outside.
7. She is NOT good at riding in shopping carts. She wants to run free the whole time, which makes my shopping trips to Target a lot harder than before.

We just love our sweet little girl! Happy 21month birthday! :)

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Meet Cheddar & Biscuit!

Our family grew by two in the last week....
when CV came home from work with new friends for Leah.
She absolutely loves her little "fishys" and so far, she's been wanting to feed them and check on them throughout the day.  She's at the age where "no" is a popular answer for almost every question I ask.  Want to take a bath? -no.  Want to change your diaper? -no. Want to put on your PJs? -no. 
But now, all I have to say is "want to go see your fishys?" and she will say yes and run to her room.  (Meaning: I can trick her into changing a diaper and into her PJs while we look at her fish!)
After much debate, CV and I finally settled on names for our little fish.  When Leah is old enough to rename them, she can ofcourse, but for now...
...Meet Cheddar and Biscuit.
This one is Cheddar. (Biscuit is shy and never comes out behind the grass!)
She sure does love her fish and does the best fish face too! haha.
So, that's what's going on over here.
Nothing to report but some little "fishys". :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Things I love...

Since it's Valentine's Day, I thought I would list a few things I'm loving lately...

+ my sweet family
+ that Paisley (our dog) turns 15 years old today
+ Leah turning 20 months old yesterday
+ new basement floors
+ selling our old washer and getting it out of our basement
+ my bestie, Alison, due with baby #2 any day now
+ Leah's beautiful eyelashes
+ my hubby's amazing cooking skills
+ my 2 miles commute to work
+ new coworkers to eat lunch with
+ my new Jujube diaper backpack
+ CV bringing me Cool Ranch Doritos yesterday (even though I'm trying to eat better!)
+ spending the evening soaking in our hot tub
+ black and white pictures
(This picture is one of my all-time favorites!)

What are you loving today???

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January Highlights

 January Highlights:

+ We started the year in Memphis visiting my family.
+ CV bought me pretty flowers.
+ Had so much fun at the Cincinnati Zoo on an unusually warm Saturday.
+ Went to our friends house for dinner and watched our kids play together.
+ Leah went down the park slide 100x in one day.
+ Leah tried Skyline for the first time. She was skeptical at first but finally enjoyed dipping her crackers in the chili.
+ I celebrated my pregnant friend, Alison, with a baby shower.
+ Leah got upgraded to Toddler 1 class at daycare and transitioned from a crib to a cot.
+ Leah bathed in Crayola Bath Colors.
+ I finally got my hair cut and colored.
+ I had the most relaxing 80min massage at Woodhouse Day Spa.
+ We played at the Cincinnati Children's Museum.
+ I turned 34 years old! (and Leah turned 19 months!) :)
+ CV bought me amazing birthday flowers and prepared my meal of choice. (Salmon and Brussel Sprouts!)
What were your highlights this month?