Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Five

Just a few things I'm loving today...
[one] My new desktop wallpaper on my work computer. haha.
[two] This amazing artist and her "daily napkins!" She draws on napkins every day and puts them in her kids lunch boxes! OMG!
[three] This girl who completely dominated American Ninja Warrior this week!
She's the first woman to ever finish this obstacle, (and even the first woman to even get to the top of that wall 1/2 way through!) Amazing!!

[four] This article by Revel Storytellers on "12 Reasons I Love Cincinnati."
[five] That me & CV are leaving for the Dominican Republic in just a few short days!!! :)
What are you lovin' today???

Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Note for my Cincinnati Bloggers

Another successful Cincinnati blogger date is in the books!!
But what is unsuccessful are these blurry iphone pictures!
Sorry everyone, I left my camera at home! :)
Instead of going through the usual post of saying what we ate / that we laughed and chatted like we've know each other for years / how everyone was so sweet / how it was fabulous meeting everyone / etc. (btw: all these things are true) I decided to just write a little note to everyone who was there last night.
Here we go:
Dear Katie - Seriously, you look ahhh-mazing. I can't get over the fact that you just had a baby and you're already back to rocking an amazing body! If Isagenix played a major part in that...maybe I will order it from you! :)
Dear Whitney - You are sweeter than pie! I'm so happy you moved to Cincinnati (well, NKY) and are now part of our little blogging community! And I love listening to your reminds me of home!
Dear Allison - I always look forward to seeing your smiling face...and now that bump!! You just glow with happiness about your pregnancy & your new job and I'm soooo happy for you!!
 Dear Becca - You are adorable!!! I'm so glad I got to sit across the table from you & chat with you!! Next time, I expect to meet Wyatt though...I've been wanting to squeeze that little face!
Dear Kayla - Girl, it's always good to see your sweet face and chat life & photography! I can't wait until we both have a free day to get together, snap photos....and plan our "blogger wedding photography package"! Maybe Emma or Brittany will hire us?!!?
Dear Erin - You are one girl I definitely feel like we've known each other forever. You're just so easy to talk to/goof off with! I'm soooo happy about your new little niece and can't wait to see more pictures of her!! (And thanks for starting off the introductions...and not embarrassing me too much!) :)
Dear Brittany - You know why I love you, right??? You are so up front and honest and you don't sugar coat anything! I love that about you!! And you are also rockin' that baby bump so perfectly!! I can't wait to meet baby Nora!!
Dear Meredith - I felt a dejavu when you walked in and sat down. Same spot and across from me like last year!! I absolutely loved getting to chat with you, we just need to get Katie back on the blogging train! (Hi Katie!)
Dear Elisa - I'm crushed you aren't a fan of maternity photos!! haha. are gorgeous. Two...your bump is gorgeous. And when you put one and two together...and you have a win-win for photography! Think about it??? Ehhh???
Dear Sarah - Thanks for putting this little shin-dig together! It was so much fun and we owe it all to you! And if you ever need a TJ Maxx shopping partner...look no further! Or just buy two of everything you pick out for yourself...and I'll pay ya back! :)
Dear Liz - You are so sweet & I can't wait to go to lunch with you soon!! (I think I saw you today when I was walking to the square...were you wearing purple pants??) And I love that you keep a tri-pod in your trunk...the next get together I expect you to bring it inside so we can use it.
Dear Heather - Welcome to the exciting world of blogging! :) haha. I'm so glad your friends encouraged you to start a blog and I can't wait to follow along on your weird adventures!
Dear Emily - Emily, Emily, Emily, I'm devastated that I didn't get to chat with you. You were on one end of the 20 foot table...and I on the other. Next time, I'm going to save you a seat next to me so we can chat!
Dear Brittany - I've been reading your blog for a while now, so it was so special to meet you in person! You are so sweet & you give great hugs!! haha. I hope you continue to join our meet ups so we can chat more!

Dear Ashley - You are a sweetheart! It was so nice to meet you & be introduced to your blog!! I just added it to my list and I can't wait to follow along and see more pictures of your adorable son!!
Dear Jessica - Congrats again on your one month wedding anniversary!! I'm so happy I was introduced to your blog! I love all things wedding, so I can't wait to read all about your special day! And I can't wait to hear if you got your new job...fingers crossed for you!!
Dear Emma - You, my dear, were a joy to finally meet in person. I feel like we've been chatting for years!! Now remember what I told you about your blog....I WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE!! haha....continue to post beautiful pictures of buildings/flowers/food......but also post more pictures of that pretty face!! ;)
Back row : Whitney // Sarah // Brittany // Heather // Liz // Emily // Brittany
Middle row : Elisa // Katie // Ashley // Jessica // Erin // Emma
Front row : Meredith // Jax // Allison // Kayla // Becca

Seriously ladies, you all are amazing and I'm so happy to be in this little blogging community! :)
XOXO - Jax

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Let's Go on A "Blate"

I'm super excited for another Cincinnati Blate (blogger date) 
with all my favorite local bloggers tonight!
Let's reminisce on the last two blates, shall we?
Last Spring...I went on my first group blate & met four amazing local bloggers out for sushi.
We ate/chatted/laughed...and I remember telling them how I just upgraded my camera and wanted to get into photography...isn't it crazy how much life changes in one little year?

And Last Fall...twelve of us fabulous bloggers met up again!
I absolutely loved meeting all these real-life-faces...some I knew from blogging, and some were new to me (as I certainly don't know EVERY Cincinnati blogger out there!) But we all had so much fun chatting, drinking margaritas, and tasting cupcakes! 
And now TONIGHT should be the biggest Cincinnati Blate to date.
I can't wait to see all those familiar faces, and also meet a few new ones!
So excited to see/meet everyone tonight!!
And if you're a Cincinnati Blogger and want to be included on our next meet-up,
please let me or one of us know!! :)
Stay tuned later this week for a recap! :)

Monday, July 14, 2014

My Neighbors Made Me A Pie + Cincinnati Stuff

Last weekend I did a "nice gesture" for a neighbor....and they rewarded me with this
amazing/delicious/homemade/hot-out-of-the-oven blueberry pie!!!
Doesn't this make your mouth water?
(Then, CV and I did a happy dance when we realized we had vanilla bean ice cream in the freezer. Score!!)

I thought the days of making homemade pies for your neighbor were completely gone...but apparently one little good-deed gets you a fresh pie! And that's okay with me!
Seriously, we are in love with our new neighborhood!!
On another note, here are some other things that happened this weekend...
+ Attended two Reds Games
one with coworkers, and one with CV and friends
(if you were at Friday's game and saw a beach ball bouncing around...we brought that!) :)
+ Finally tried Sotto Restaurant
If you go, you must try the bruschetta with chicken liver mousse. I know it sounds unappetizing, but it was amazing! I also got the short rib cappellacci and I recommend that too.
+Went to City Flea
I honestly didn't love it, most of the venues were vintage or sold old clothes/shoes/jewelry/crap, and "vintage" is honestly not my style (in clothing or in home d├ęcor). I did, however, enjoy a few booths that had cool photography, candles and I ate an amazing pineapple/strawberry swirl street pop.
I honestly wasn't a fan of this restaurant at all. I ordered the short rib sliders, the California and Kato Roll...and honestly they were just "ok". (and the rolls fell apart when I ate it, which is a sushi no-no) I've heard good things about the restaurant, so I'd try it again...just won't be going back for their sushi....or their iced tea...which tasted like rose petals. No thanks.
+ Brunched at National Exemplar
This was my 3rd visit to National Exemplar in the last month. I had the Key West Cocktail which is amazing there...its just granola/yogurt/fruit but its so light and refreshing. And it comes with a muffin-of-the-day, which was chocolate chip cherry on this muffin ever!!
+Furniture/Home Shopped
And last but not least...there was lots of furniture and home goods shopping.
Meanwhile, while I was doing all of THAT.....Paisley was doing THIS:
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Stir Fryin'

Stir-Fry is seriously one of the easiest dinners to make.
...all you need to do is grab a bunch of veggies, seasoning & your meat of choice...then chop & mix them all together until they are cooked. Sounds easy right???

We started by chopping up a variety of veggies: 
fingerling potatoes, onion, shallot, carrots, red & green peppers, garlic, 1 head of broccoli, and baby corn. Then, tossed them in the wok (you can also use a regular pan) to cook.  
(Veggies take longer to cook then the meat, so we put those in early.)
Then we chopped up our meat of choice: shrimp & chicken
Then, added them to the wok.
And added our Spicy Korean BBQ Seasoning (purchased at Jungle Jims, for you Cincinnati's) and a little salt & pepper (Add any sauce you want, or make your own sauce here.)

 Put the lid on and let your meal simmer....tossing occasionally for about 10 minutes.
Now, your meal is hot and ready to be in your belly.
Serve it over rice (I made a healthy purple rice!!) and enjoy!!

If you have a lot of left over veggies in your fridge...or if you started a vegetable garden and don't know what to do with all your veggies....seriously just cook them all together with sauce & you have yourself a delish little meal!

Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

B'days, 'Merica & Friends

I'm a little behind on my weekend here's one post dedicated to the last 2-ish weeks:

1. CV and I went to a 65th birthday party at our old stompin' grounds of Dutches. 
The party was actually where we had our engagement dinner the night CV proposed,
so I always love going there! :)
There was an amazing feast of food, but I sadly didn't get any photos.  Just photos of us in silly glasses and hats! :)
Oh...and do you know what's better than hanging out with Rob Lowe?  Well, it's hanging out with Rob Lowe's dad. (that's the handsome older gentlemen I'm sitting next to at the table.) He was filled with inappropriate & funny jokes, and was so much fun chatting with....I'm convinced he's way cooler than his son.

2. My bestie Miller was in town from Tampa for less than 24 hours (he's a pilot), so we met at Molly Malone's in NKY to catch up on life & watch the USA/Belgium soccer game.  It was great seeing him...even if it was only for a few hours.

3. My partner-in-crime/bestfriend/bombshellbridesmaid Erin surprised me with a weekend visit to OH! She flew in town from L.A. on a last minute flight and I was soooooo happy to spend the weekend with her!!  We ate lots of pizza, went shopping, met up with friends, sat on the couch in our PJs sipping on margaritas while watching Bridesmaids...and just chatted for hours straight.

*CV made those margaritas, and even garnished them with a strawberry. Isn't he the cutest?

...and when I wasn't hanging out with CV and my out of town friends...
...I was cuddling with this little monster....and buying more furniture for the new house.
Hope everyone had a great 2-ish past weeks! :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dominican Republic Bound

IT'S finally JULY!!!
Which means a much overdue vacation is now in arms reach...
CV and I will be leaving for the beautiful beaches of Punta Cana very soon... relax (at an adults-only resort, woohoo!), lay in the sun, collect sea shells, see dolphins (hopefully),
stuff our faces with lots of delicious food (the joy of an all-inclusive resort) 
and more importantly celebrate our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! (early!)
Can you believe our one year anniversary is next month???
It seems like just yesterday, this happened!!

I'm soooo excited to kick off my heels & drink fruity cocktails with my husband on our anniversary vacation
a.k.a. second honeymoon!
See the first honeymoon, here and here! :)

Monday, June 30, 2014

Things that are making me smile today.

  • Paisley's little paws
  • Beautiful sunsets in my backyard.
  • New rugs for the house.
  • Fun Fingernail Polish
  • Teeny tiny baby deer in my front yard.
  • Pretty flowers growing in the backyard
  • Artwork and a thank you note from a friend I met from Etsy.
  • The Aviator (that's what we named this tree since my dad was a pilot).
  • This amazing photographer
  • A 3.5 day work week
  • Five pairs of new shoes!
  • And knowing that my one-year-anniversary vacation with CV is less than a month away!!! :)
What's making you smile today???

Friday, June 27, 2014

The BEST dog photography I've EVER SEEN!!

You should know by now that I'm obsessed with photography...
...what you didn't know is that I completely stalk photography blogs and can spend hours and hours just admiring their talent!!
Especially when they are THIS TALENTED:
Seriously friends, I have a major girl-crush on this amazing photographer and her adorable little four-legged friends! Have you seen anything like it?? I would just love to have a picture like this of Paisley!!
On another note: this is the FIRST WEEKEND in 2 months that I have ZERO photography sessions and I'm pretty excited about it!! Now don't get me wrong, I definitely love taking pictures and making a few extra dollars on the weekend, but sometimes you just need a little break! (even if that break is to catch up with laundry!)
Hope these little pictures make you smile today!! :)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Planting a Tree in Memory of my Dad

I've known for a while now that the month of June was going to be a tough one.
My dad would have had his 63rd birthday last week...only a few days earlier than Father's day.
So I've had in my mind for a while now, that I wanted to plant a tree on Father's Day in his memory.
 I knew I wanted a tree that would bloom flowers in the spring...and that was beautiful and bring lots of happiness.
 So I finally found a beautiful Coralburst Crabapple!
It will bloom white and pink, or "coral" flowers in the spring...and it has such a fun name! I get happy when I say it....go ahead, say it...."coralburst crabapple"! :)
It's just a baby right now...I can't wait to see it bloom and grow every year.
 Happy Father's Day, Dad! I know you're shining over this little tree and our home! :)