Monday, March 30, 2015

My Stella and Dot Online Party!!

Hi friends!!
I'm hosting an online Stella and Dot trunk show from now until April 15th...and all of you are invited! I'm sure you've all heard of Stella and Dot, so you already know what amazing jewelry and accessories they have, so I really don't need to convince you to click on my link and buy something fun!!! Right???
Here are five of my most favorite pieces - and I think you will like them too:
 I absolutely love that you can wear it long or short!!
Okay, I must have a crush on this style since these earrings caught my eye as well. But how amazing are these!?! And they come in several different colors, but green is my favorite!
* They remind me of these Kendra Scott earrings...but these are cheaper and are even cuter!!

I've always loved the look of stackable rings!! And I especially love this one since it combines gold and silver. 
I'm loving all things arrow right now. Even some of my favorite sheet patterns for the nursery have had little arrows on them, they are just so cute and in-style right now! So of course this bracelet is nothing short of amazing!
This is probably my favorite necklace. It's the most expensive on my list of favorites - but it's worth the price since you can wear it in so many ways! You don't have to wear all three at one time - you can wear 3, 2 or just 1. I just love it!
Hopefully, you guys love Stella and Dot as much as I do and can't wait to start your shopping!
If there is anything I can help with in the mean time - let me know!
Otherwise you can RSVP to my online show here....and start adding things to your cart! :)
Happy Shopping!! :)

Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Five...

Five things going on lately....
1. Photography
There are a lot of perks that come with knowing how to take a good picture...but my favorite is that you are there for the most special times in your friend's lives. I helped photographed my friend's baby shower and photographed my friends maternity photos a few weekends ago. It's so fun to play a special role during an exciting time in their lives!
...don't you just love the pics in the snow???
I've also been taking pictures of other people too...but my photography business is definitely taking a back seat so I can focus more on "nesting"! :)
Here are some favorites that I took this month...isn't this little girl ADORABLE???

2. Artwork / Nursery Progress
I'm so in love with the painting I made for baby girl!! Every time I walk down the hallway I peek into the room and just stare at it! Her little nursery is really coming together, in the past week we have hung up a lot of things on the walls, bought and put together her closet organizers, and bought a few decorative items that are tying this room together. I can't wait to share the finished room! :)
3. Our Kitchen
I left you hanging on our kitchen remodel, huh??? Well, it's because it is STILL in the works.  (Will this project ever be completed???) Right now we are adding the backsplash on the walls and the molding to the floor....and then it will be 95% done.  I plan to post an update in the next week!!
Here's what it looked like after we demo'd it!
See our original kitchen and Part I of our Renovation.

4. Memphis Trip
My last little roadtrip to Memphis before the baby comes is planned very soon!! I'm SO EXCITED to see all my favorite people in one weekend! I have two friends coming in town from Nashville and one friend coming in town from Arkansas - all to see me and attend my baby shower! And of course I have some amazing friends in Memphis who will be there too! I sure am surrounded with lots of love!!

5. No Babymoon (insert sad face here)
Although it sounds wonderful to go on a last minute trip with CV, the truth is - we just don't have any time.  Our entire calendar is filled up in April - literally every weekend is booked with either visitors (two weekends in a row) or going out of town (to Memphis) or with baby showers, etc. etc.  My calendar is pretty open in May - but CV's is still really busy and I might not be able to travel that close to my due basically we missed our window to go on a babymoon, as we probably should have gone in the winter months! (Ohwell!!) 
Good thing we vacationed in the Dominican right before we got pregnant - so at least our last special trip wasn't too long ago. Looks like we will be having a lot of Cincinnati date nights instead, and that's o-k with me!

Happy Friday, everyone! Hope the weekend treats you well! :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

{Before/After} Guest Room 2.0

Remember my beautiful guest room that I loved???
Well, after some back and forth, we decided to move our guest room down the hall to our third bedroom (my office).
The new guest room is a tiny bit little smaller, is located in the corner of the house (so it has two walls with windows), and has a more inconvenient closet location (since you have to close the main door a little to open one half of the closet). All reasons why we decided the baby should have the bigger and better bedroom.
We had already painted the walls a mint color for the office/future nursery - so we kept the color the same and just moved all the furniture in. Luckily, the mint color still looked good AND there was still room for my tiny little office in the corner!!! I'm super happy about that because if it didn't work, my office was going to get the boot to the basement.

For dramatic is what this room looked like when we moved in:

And here's what the new guest room/office looks like now!! :)



I actually love the way the new guest room/mini office turned out.
It's a little bit cozier and has a lot of natural lighting.
The only things left on my to-do list is to buy a new office chair, (one that will tuck into the desk to offer more room for guests) buy some curtains (maybe) and buy a luggage rack for my guests!

Still want to come visit????

***Most of my sources are listed in the original blog post. Other items are:
White Picture Frames: HomeGoods // Flower Paintings: Etsy Shop theArtofMichelle 
Desk: Wayfair // Chair: Goodwill find with DIY upholstering // Green Basket: HomeGoods // Magnet Board above desk: Ikea

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pregnancy Journal: Weeks 27-28

Weeks 27-28
Hellloooooooo Third Trimester!!

Size of Baby:  Rutabaga (27w) and Eggplant (28w)...about 2.5 lbs and 16" long! 
Gender: It's a Girl
Feeling: Always happy and blessed!
Weight: +22 pounds total
Maternity Clothes: A mix of non-maternity and maternity items.
Sleep: Sleep is becoming more and more difficult lately. Getting comfortable when there is a 20 pound basketball on your body is not easy! I've been using the BumpNest Pillow for a while - but honestly I just think it's ok. It's super hard to change sides with no pillow - but try doing that with a very large pillow that's wrapped around's impossible!!! Once you are cozy in it - it's great....just don't move!!  I recently got a new pillow called the Belly Rest pillow and so far I really like it. It's so much smaller and just goes around your stomach, which makes it easy to move around, and it helps me stay on my side - as I am a back sleeper. So far so good! :)
Symptoms: Ohhhhh geez...the symptoms have really started! I've had round ligament pain and a lot of tail bone pain! I was sick for a week - so that might have made my symptoms a lot worse - but it was definitely not fun having shooting pains throughout your body when you made a too-quick or wrong movement. Good thing I had some prenatal massage gift cards to use to help with the pain!
Stretch Marks: None so far thanks to all my special stretch mark creams!! I just got a new cream called Dream Belly Butter and it is amazing. It's really thick so like using it the most at night - and it has the most heavenly smell! I definitely recommend it!
Movement: Lots of kicking/punching/dancing going on...
Highlights: Finishing our five childbirth classes and creating a piece of artwork for the nursery!
Looking forward to: My baby showers!! My first baby shower is at the end of this month and I can't wait to see my friends and celebrate little baby V.
See you in two weeks for my 30 week update!! Yay!!

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Third Trimester Maternity Wardrobe

Guess what, friends?? Today, I enter into the THIRD TRIMESTER!!!
Hitting the third trimester mark really makes me think about a lot of in particular is my maternity wardrobe.
In the first trimester - everything pre-maternity still fit. I had to do the "hair tie trick" on my jeans in the last few weeks to give me one more inch, but that was it. No maternity clothes needed.
In the second trimester - I just needed the maternity basics.  These included:
Maternity jeans // Nice pants // Leggings // New Bras 
I could wear most of my pre-pregnancy pants until I was 17 weeks pregnant - but it started becoming very uncomfortable after that. So weeks 17-27 of my second trimester, I was strictly in maternity pants. No real need for maternity tops yet...most of my pre-pregnancy tops still fit so I kept those on heavy rotation. It was winter - so luckily I had a lot of loose fitting sweaters that could easily be worn with a medium size bump.
But that brings me to the third trimester....where my uterus is bigger than a basketball...I'm definitely more uncomfortable...I don't want to wear any pants....and I'm pretty much stretching out all of my non-maternity tops. Soooo, I finally went shopping for some proper maternity clothes.  Here are some things I've purchased so far that I plan to wear in the next few months...
(I'll probably have an all new wardrobe when I hit the last month as I will have a lot more belly and it will be HOT!) :)
It's still going to be cold here for another I purchased this similar maternity dress. Here is how I wish to style it: paired with booties and a scarf with gold jewelry...and a bag with some color.
This is very similar to the dress above, except the sleeves and color.
Here is how I wish to style it: a simple gold necklace, neutral nails and lips, a fun leopard print sandal and a color pop with a cross body purse.
I love this dress from Old Navy and so glad I found it - it's super soft, stretchy - and can be worn with belted or loose! (I prefer loose for comfort!)
Here is how I wish to style it. a fun animal print scarf, a cargo jacket or jean jacket, red nails and purse..and some fun sunglasses.
Let's hope I can pull off these outfits - and not end up wearing leggings and a big t-shirt every single day! Haha. :)
Maybe an OOTD maternity post will come soon....

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

{DIY} Abstract Art Painting

I've been on the search for the perfect painting to hang above the crib for months...
I had this vision of pink and gold abstract art to give the baby a fun/artsy/sophisticated nursery - but the only thing I could find that I liked was this painting. $250 (that's the sale price) - I decided to keep looking!
After still not finding anything for a reasonable price - I decided to attempt to create my own little pink and gold abstract art. (I can do this myself, right???) So, after a trip to Hobby Lobby to buy a canvas, paint, paintbrushes, etc,....a masterpiece was ready to be made.
(This is the scary moment when I realize I have a huge blank canvas and I have no real plan and no idea what I'm doing! haha!)
I started out my painting on a base coat of pink and gold where I wanted it to be...
(When you're fancy like me - you use paper plates covered in plastic wrap as your paint tray. haha.  I figured the paper would absorb and we didn't have any plastic plates - so - I had to do what worked!)
I then loosely mixed my paints to create some colorful texture and used similar brushstrokes all over the painting.
I didn't really like that it wasn't well blended at this I mixed some gold and pink together and went over it to blend the colors together.
And here's the final product!!
It took me a few hours to get used to it - I really wasn't happy with it at first but my amazing hubby, CV, saw it and was so excited! He couldn't have said nicer things about it - and even suggested I keep painting things for the rest of the house! So's definitely grown on me more and more - and I can honestly say I love it now! 
This is the first piece of artwork I've made my daughter - and even though it might not be exactly what I envisioned - it is so much more special than any store bought piece of artwork.
I can't wait for baby girl to see what her momma made her!

What do you think???

Monday, March 9, 2015

Pregnancy Journal: Weeks 25-26

Weeks 25-26

Size of Baby: Cauliflower (25w) and Lettuce (26w)
Gender: It's a Girl
Feeling: Rather large. haha. No seriously I feel really great - but I honestly feel like my stomach grew twice it's size in these two weeks. (and other parts of my body are growing too!) :(
Weight: Drum Roll Please.........20 pounds total!!! Yup, I hit the 20 pound mark - and I'm surprisingly okay with it. I've read a lot of others bloggers 26-week update and they were all around 20pounds at this time - so I feel like I'm where I should be. 
Maternity Clothes: Still in non-maternity tops and full maternity pants! Even my regular sweatpants are getting uncomfortable since they tie at the waist - thank goodness for maternity leggings!

Symptoms: Being a little uncomfortable bc my stomach feels S T R E T C H E D out...but that's about it. I'm feeling really great and sleeping like a log - for the most part.
Stretch Marks: None so far!!
Movement: Lots of little baby kicks and punches - so far they are all adorable and none of them have been too jabbing or in the wrong area (like a foot to the ribs!!) I'm enjoying every single one of them!!
Highlights: Seeing our little one at our last ultrasound. She was sucking her thumb and yawning and just being cute all-the-way around! :) But I'm not happy that it was our LAST ultrasound...the doctor said they don't do any more ultrasounds unless something is wrong. I guess we'll just see the little baby in June!
Husband: I gotta say - my husband is the best!! I painted my toes a few weeks ago but it was super uncomfortable and I told him I probably couldn't paint my toes myself for while! So my sweet hubby treated me to a mani/pedi date night with him last weekend so I could keep my tootsies looking good. He sure is a keeper! :)
Looking forward to: Working more on the nursery and getting the house renovations in order! It makes me feel more prepared when things are getting knocked off the ole to-do list! :)

See you in two weeks for my 28 week (a.k.a THIRD TRIMESTER!) update!! Yay!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Second Trimester: Must Haves

I only have 2 more weeks in my 2nd trimester! Isn't that crazy!!??!
I can't believe the 3rd trimester is just around the corner...for those of you who are are some of my second trimester must haves!
(Weeks 13-27)
1. Prenatal Massages: I was super lucky that my MIL bought me several prenatal massages for my Christmas present! They are definitely a must!! My body was always aching, so it felt good to get a few professional massages and help relax those stressed and stretched muscles. (Although I still love the non-professional husband massages too!)
2. New Bras: My girls went up two sizes in the second trimester. Wow. New bras were a must, I literally laugh when I put on my "old" bras - it doesn't even come close to fit me. I love the Body By Victoria full-coverage bras, they are so comfortable....although the price tag is kinda high when you don't know how long you're going to stay at this size. (If your bras still fit but are a little tight around your body - pick up these!! I needed an inch more space in a few bras, and now my bras are a lot more comfortable!)
3. Prenatal Workout DVDs: I bought 3 DVDs so I can get some exercise. (It's like 0 degrees in Cincinnati, so I couldn't take a walk or do anything outdoors.) I bought Yoga, Pilates and a general workout one. Pick which one works best for you.
4. Phone/Camera: Only because I was constantly taking bump photos in mirrors! This is the time your body really starts transforming, so I took a mirror selfie at every chance I got! It's definitely fun to look through my phone and see how my belly has changed. :)
5. Chapstick: I always have chapstick on me at all time, so this is a must-have in life. But really, keep one next to your nightstand...those vivid dreams + sleeping with your mouth open = really chapped lips.
6. Fruit: I haven't had too many cravings yet, except for fruit and sweet potatoes. Weird, huh?  When you're pregnant, you're constantly interested in snacks, so make a few of those snack-stops for fruit! (Otherwise, I love snacking on sugary cereal, popcorn, granola bars, etc!)
7. Exercise Ball: When you're pregnant they call this a "birthing ball', but it's really just any ordinary exercise ball.  We already had one at home, so I got lucky! It definitely makes my hips feel better when I sit on it, instead of the couch. I try to sit on it and bounce/stretch every night.
8.  Maternity Jeans: And my favorite maternity jeans go to AG Jeans.  Yes, they have a very eye-opening price tag, but I've been wearing these puppies 3x a week, so they are definitely worth the expensive price. Trust me, when you're pregnant, pants are NOT your you will pay just about anything for some comfortable ones.
 Hope this helps! :)
See my first trimester must haves here.

*Don't forget to enter my giveaway!!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Five on Friday...

{one} I have an amazing giveaway starting next week!!!
One lucky person will win a new pair of baby moccasins from Freshly Picked!!
(size and color are your choice! Retail $60!)
Make sure you follow my instagram account so you can enter to win! The contest will be on instagram and not the blog - so make sure you follow me!
{two} Snow Snow Snow...and More Snow!
I don't know about the weather where you are...but Cincinnati is covered in inches and inches of snow! Here are some pictures from my front and back yard....ridiculous!!! (Although I did enjoy working from home 3 days last week due to the bad weather!)
This is what it looked like when I SHOVED the back door open! That's a lot of snow!!!
{Three} Valentine's Day
CV and I spent Valentine's day together at home. I was actually pretty sick all that weekend, so we decided to stay in...pop some champagne (or in my case - Sparkling Grape Juice)...and make some homemade pizzas.  We set up a little picnic infront of our fireplace and had a great little time!
(And ofcourse the hubby bought me some beautiful red roses!)
{Four} Paisley is a Teenager!
Paisley turned 13 on Valentine's day! I can't believe this little stinker is a little teenager! (or I guess 91 in dog years) The picture on the left is from her birthday...and as always, she's sticking out her tongue! Isn't she the sweetest thing ever?
{Five} Spring Time Planning
(thanks for the sweet flowers, CV!)
I have so many fun things planned for showers thrown by thoughtful friends...a maternity photo session for me & CV...a trip to Memphis to see all my favorites...and some more home renovations! So many things to do before the little baby arrives! :)
Thanks for checking in! See you next week for my giveaway!! :)
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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

One Year in Our Home! :)

Today marks the one year anniversary of signing the closing documents for our first home!!
I seriously can't believe we've been in our house for one full year now. Looking back, I'm so happy with what we've accomplished and the fun we've had in one little year...
{Here's the silly photo we took right after we got our keys to our new house! So excited!!)
In the first year, we...
+ painted almost every room in the house
+ bought new furniture to fill the house
...and many many other things! :)
In year two, we want to...
+ finish the kitchen renovations (add backsplash / update lighting / paint walls)
+ complete the nursery (build new closet / furnish / decorate)
+ renovate the main bathroom (update vanity, mirrors, lighting / renovate tiles and tub)
+ paint trim in the entire house
+ organize the basement storage
+ paint the basement
....and soooooo many other things. But this short list will keep us busy for a while!
Thanks for following along our little homeowner journey!
I'll be sure to post more house renovations soon! :)