Friday, April 29, 2016

Ten Months with Leah

Who's idea was it to take monthly pictures of Leah with a sticker on her shirt? hahaha.
This girl is ON THE MOVE and I honestly could not get her to lay down for 10 seconds in order to snap a proper photo. So then I decided to sit her up, and every time I pulled away - she would pull her sticker off her shirt! 
Month 10 photoshoot was a total bust. hahaha. But that's okay! 
I love every thing about this girl and I love that she doesn't want to sit still for one second, although it would be nice if she did so we could cuddle every once in a while. 

Month Ten Update:
 (4/13/16 Oops a little late!!)
Weight/Height:  Still pretty tiny but I think we finally got over the 16 pound mark! Grow, baby, grow!
 Diapers:  Still in Size 3 and we will probably be in this size diaper for a really long time since it has a 10+ pound weight range.
Clothing: Mostly wears 9 month clothing. She's worn a few 12 month footed pajamas because she was getting too long for the 9 month ones.
Eating: Still breastfeeding 3-4x a day and eating 3 meals a day with 2 snacks.  In an average day, Leah eats: Oatmeal and bananas for breakfast, yogurt and blueberries for lunch, cheese stick for a snack, and a scrambled egg with cheese, veggies and toast with hummus for dinner. And some yogurt melts and cheerios/puffs throughout the day for snacks. 
Sleep: Leah is a great sleeper! Sleeping 11.5 hours at night and nap twice a day for 3 hours total. 
Firsts: Leah's first Easter! We celebrated Easter with our second Cincinnati family and at home with Leah checking out her first Easter basket. I filled it with clothes, bath toys, and snacks, and we got a few gifts from her Grandma Bebe.

She got a second tooth, so now she has two bottom teeth.  She's been a little fussy at night so we think some more teeth will pop up again soon. 
Still crawling and pulling herself up to her knees, and has even pulled herself up to standing a few times.  She loves walking (assisted holding someones hands) around the house and does a great job.
Talking: So far she has said "dada" "mama" "doggie" "all done" and "oh toddles" (the last one is from MMC)
Likes: Bath time, mickey mouse clubhouse
Dislikes: being alone, being tired, bedtime, being held by strangers
Love this little sweetie! Be back soon with our next update!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Nine Months with Leah

Ya'll. I love this little piece of sunshine! She lights up my world every single day and I just can't get enough of her. When she's napping or asleep for the night, I can't help but look through photos and videos of her on my phone....I just can't get enough
And I can't believe this little cutie is 9 months old already!!! (3/13/16) Month 9 is definitely my favorite month so far. She's turning into a tiny person, showing us how smart and strong she is, and it's so much fun to watch! I love you, sweet bug! xoxo! 
Here is our update:
Month Nine Update:
Weight/Height: At your 9 month appointment, you were 15 pounds and 10 ounces, 27.5 inches long. Tiny little thing!
 Diapers:  This skinny mini is in Size 3, but honestly she could still fit into size 2 if needed. I just ran out of size 2 so I decided to move her up a size. Using Pampers Baby Dry diapers and the Costco brand baby wipes. (Other brands we use: Aveeno Baby body wash and shampoo, Johnson's baby lotion and baby oil, and Honest Company ointment, when needed.)
Clothing: Still wears 6-9 and 9 month clothing, Her 6 month pants still fit but she's in 9 month onsies and shirts.
Eating: Still breastfeeding 4x a day and eating every 3 meals a day with 2 snacks.  You love snacking on cheerios, puffs and cheese. You like pickles too, but after finding pickle skins in your cheeks, I haven't given you any more pickles! haha.
Sleep: You're a great sleeper! Sleeping 11.5 hours at night and nap twice a day for 3 hours total. 
Social: Still going to tumble bees and meeting new friends. 
On 2/20, I had night plans and it was the first night that I didn't nurse you before bed. Daddy fed you dinner, milk out of a sippy cup and put you to sleep. It took you a little longer than normal since I wasn't there to nurse you, but you eventually went to sleep! You also slept over your friend Patrick's house so we could hang out with our friends. Again, it took you a while to fall asleep since you were in a strange place, but you eventually fell asleep and did great. You also attended your first birthday party for your "cousin" Jake! :)
Firsts: Leah said MAMA on 2/23! (She said her first word, DADA, on 1/24)!!!
She also has a bottom tooth (bottom right)!! It's pretty adorable and I try hard to look at it every time she opens her mouth. She's always sticking out her tongue so it's really hard to see her tooth.
She's also army crawling so fast and I can't take my eyes off her for a second. If she's playing in the living room and I walk to the kitchen....she's on the floor of the kitchen in 60 seconds! She's always trying to find Mama! :)
Likes: Bath time, playing with the blinds, mickey mouse clubhouse
Dislikes: being alone, being tired, being held by strangers

Friday, March 11, 2016

Getting SNUG with Boon Sippy Cup Lids

Do you know one of the hardest parts of being a new mom? 
Well, let me tell's sifting through hundreds of baby products and trying to find the right one for your baby. Babies are expensive as it is...but spending money on products only to find that the baby doesn't like that type of bottle, or doesn't like to relax in the mamaroo, is so stressful....and bad for the wallet.

When it was time to offer Leah a sippy cup of water, I went to the store and what did I find? 
A million options!!

I don't know anything about sippy cups so I bought what I thought was going to be perfect.  
We tried the sippy cup a dozen times, but she just didn't like the spout on it. So I went back to the store to buy more sippy cups, this time buying a few different brands. we have a drawer filled with cups in all shapes and sizes, that all have their own attachments: lids, tops, nipples, valves, straws, etc.  So many pieces for such a simple task.

Then, I was introduced to the Boon SNUG Spout Lids and I seriously fell in love. It's silicone, easy to clean, dishwasher safe, spill proof, is ONE piece and will stretch and fit over any cup! So...all those cups in my sippy cup drawer can ALL be used with this same lid.  Now....I just had to convince Leah how perfect these were. Haha.
Luckily, after the first try....LEAH LOVED IT! The silicone was soft on her gums and an easy transition from nursing. You don't have to suck too hard for the liquid to come out (I had to test it too, of course), and its spill proof which is the best!!! I can just throw a lid into our diaper bag and throw any clean cup - and I have everything I need to let Leah drink while we are out of the house! 
What a great invention!! 
I definitely recommend these for your little ones, and for yourself since you will save time, money and stress!
These amazing lids can be found at Target and!

*I was given the Boon SNUG 3 Pack Spout Lids with Cup, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Friday, February 26, 2016

What to Pack in your Hospital Bag: FOR MOM

Okay, I realize Leah is almost 9 months old and here I am writing about what to pack in your hospital bag when you go into labor. Haha. (a little late!!)
I have a few pregnant friends right now and just recently helped one out with a hospital bag list - so I thought I would share it here to help all of you! ]
Here is what I brought to the hospital along with some tips.

1. Towel from home - the hospital towels are tiny and thin. You will be taking at least one shower there (I took 2) so you will want a good towel.
2. Slippers/Non-Slip Socks - I just wore the hospital non-slip socks the first day. But I loved having slippers that I could just slip on to use the bathroom, etc. Bring something you can throw away - you won't want to take these home with you!!! CV bought me a $3 pair from IKEA and they worked perfect. ha.
3. Robe/Gown - I just wore the hospital gown when giving birth and recovery - and it worked just fine. I did bring a robe that I bought specifically for this purpose (wanted a pretty one for photos), and I wore it the whole time I was there.
4. Nursing bras/tanks - If you plan to nurse, make sure you bring a nursing bra or tank. Your boobs are out 24/7 so this way it is easier. I just wore a nursing tank with shorts, and my robe to cover up when I got out of bed. 
5. Comfortable Clothes for Recovery - Like I said above, I stayed in a nursing tank and shorts. Do whatever works for you - just make sure you have easy access for nursing.
6. Going Home Outfit - I wore a big t-shirt, cardigan and maternity leggings.  Just bring something large - or even a maternity size, as you will still not be able to wear your pre-pregnancy clothing. Also, bring flip flops! I brought Toms to wear home and my feet were soooo swollen (more swollen after delivery than before) that I couldn't put them on. So I had to go home in my hospital slippers. Ew.
7. Toiletries - Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Shampoo, Hairbrush, Hair ties, Makeup, etc. Bring what you need to shower and feel human again. I had hand lotion and chap stick by my side the entire time! Hospital air is so dry!
8. Giant Underwear - Buy some cheap Hanes from Target...the big ones with the full coverage....and buy them in black! Haha. I bought 2 packs and threw my hospital ones away, and kept the other ones for the first few weeks at home, as it takes a while for your regular undies to fit again!
9. Lady Items - I brought Overnight Pads (the hospital gives you some, but they are enormous!!), and Always Wipes (dry toilet paper is your enemy). Don't bother buying or bringing nipple cream. The hospital gives you some and you don't really need more than that. It lasts a long time.
10. Bag for Dirty Laundry - you won't want any of your hospital clothes touching your clean stuff. 
11. A large bag to carry all your free items. Diapers, Wipes, Formula, etc! Take everything they give you!
12. Gatorade and Snacks - The minute after I pushed Leah out (and snuggled her!) I demanded a Gatorade!! It was a life saver to be honest - I went 24 hours without eating anything and was starving, and Gatorade was just what I needed.  I ended up eating a hospital sandwich, cookies and chips too - and they were delicious. (Ha. Anything is delicious when you haven't eaten in 24 hours.) The snacks came in handy afterwards, as you never know when you will be hungry!

Also - some people bring focal points, water bottles, gum, etc - but I didn't need any of that. CV was my focal point, I just used the hospital cups and the nurses wouldn't let me have any gum or candy while in labor.

I'll be back soon with what to pack for the baby!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Month Eight with Leah

Month Eight Update:
Weight, Height and Head: According to the home scale, she is still less than 16 pounds.
 Diapers:  This skinny mini is still in Size 2. Using Pampers Baby Dry and Costco diapers. And the Costco brand baby wipes. (Other brands we use: Aveeno Baby body wash and shampoo, Johnson's baby lotion and baby oil, and Honest Company ointment, when needed.)
Clothing: Still wears 6-9 and 9 month clothing, Her 6 month pants still fit but she's too long for her 6 month onsies.
Eating: You are still breastfeeding and eating every 3-4 hours and also eating solids twice a day at breakfast and dinner time, and a snack at lunch time.
Sleep: You're a great sleeper! Sleeping 11.5 hours at night and nap twice a day for 3 hours total. 
Schedule: Here is our regular day schedule:
7:15 AM - Leah Wakes Up
7:30 AM - Nurse #1
8:00 AM - Breakfast (Organic Oatmeal mixed with breastmilk)
8:15-9:30 AM - Playtime
9:30-11:00 AM - Nap #1
11:15 AM - Nurse #2
12:00 PM - Snack (teething cookie / puffs)
12:15 - 2:15 PM Playtime / Get out of the house
2:15 PM - Nurse #3
2:30 - 3:30 PM - Nap #2
4:00 PM - Nurse #4
4:15 - 6:00 PM - Playtime
6:00 PM Dinner (Fruit or Veggie, she is eating a full container of Gerber Stage 2)
6:15-7:15 PM Playtime/Bath time
7:15 PM - Nurse #5
7:30 PM - Bedtime
Social: Leah attended a bridal shower with me and was a well behaved little guest. She also still loves going to Tumble class every Wednesday and hanging out with her friend Rory when she gets the chance. Here they are on 2/12/14. Rory is 10.5 months and Leah 8 months.
In other news: Still no teeth, I've been on the lookout for them though!
No crawling yet, but she does a slight army crawl from side to side. She does know how to clap and give kisses on command!
Mommy: I'm doing good but the anxiety of finding a new job is kicking in!! Blah!
Daddy: Doing good and trying his hardest to get home early from work to spend time with Leah before her 7:30pm bedtime!
Likes: Bath time, eating, watching mommy & daddy dance, jumping, laughing, tumble class
Dislikes: being alone, being tired

Friday, January 29, 2016

Month Seven with Leah

Happy {late} New Year, Everyone!!
Taking care of a baby sure does take you away from your blog from time to time, but not to worry, I'm here today to chat and tell you all about our sweet lady turing SEVEN MONTHS OLD (1/13/16)!
I can honestly say life with a baby gets better and better every day. It's so much more fun now that Leah is old enough to play, interact, copy and "talk" with me and we truly have fun throughout our days. 
Here's our little update!

Month Seven Update:
Weight, Height and Head: No doctors appointment to confirm all her measurements, but according to the home scale, she is 15.5 lbs.
 Diapers:  This skinny mini is still in Size 2. Using Pampers Baby Dry and the Costco brand (Kirkland) baby wipes.
Clothing: Still wears 6 month clothing, but will be growing out of them very soon. Her 6 month pants should fit her for a while though.
Speaking of on earth do I keep losing random items of her clothing??? socks...a boot...and her winter coat! I'm pretty sure her winter coat was lost in Target while I was trying to hold Leah (because she was being fussy) while pushing a shopping cart filled with things I don't need. She felt hot so I took off her coat in the store - and that's the last time we saw it. Ughhhhhh. I loved that little coat.
Eating: You are still breastfeeding and eating every 3-4 hours and also eating solids twice a day at breakfast and dinner time. You've liked everything so far. You eat Organic Oatmeal (mixed with breastmilk) for breakfast every morning, and your dinners consist of either a fruit or a vegetable. You really love sweet potatoes and pears the best...that's what we buy the most of. You've also had two "teething cookies" which you loved, but I watched you like a hawk because I was so afraid you'd stick too much in  your mouth and choke.
Sleep: You're a great sleeper and nap 2-3 times a day. 
Social: You had a few "play dates" this month. You tried to stay up and party with Rory for NYE, but you got cranky and wanted to go home at 9:30.
We went to an Ohio State game party and you loved hanging out in daddy's lap.
You also got to play with Patrick this month and loved playing with his toys and even took a nap in his Pack n Play. We attended our first TumbleBees class at KidsFirst. You got to meet a few "friends" and had fun "tumbling" with Rory and loved the parachute game at the very end.
In other news: You are moving and rolling all the time. You're not lifting your stomach off the floor yet, but I bet you will soon so you can start crawling. You are very very vocal. You love "singing" and like making noises when mommy puts her fingers in front of your mouth. It's too funny!
You also love holding blocks and banging them together. (and eating them) :)
Mommy: I'm still doing great and enjoying my time off work - I started applying for jobs and researching every daycare in our area to prepare.
Daddy: Daddy loves making you laugh by showing you his dance moves or by making funny noises and jerking his head around.  You laugh more at him than anyone else. 
Likes: Bath time, eating solids, watching daddy dance, jumping, looking in the mirror, blocks
Dislikes: shopping, loud noises, being alone

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Year 2015 (in a Nut Shell)

2015 was such an Amazing year. Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we...

Year 2015 (in a Nutshell)

+ The first half of the year was focused mainly on being pregnant.
 + And celebrating the pregnancy with all my family and friends!
+ And of course taking maternity photos!
+ Moved our guest room to another room in the house.
+ And finished the Baby Nursery.
+ The most memorable event of all, WELCOMING BABY LEAH!!

+ We celebrated our second wedding anniversary at Capital Grill and got a babysitter for the first time.
+ Hosted a clambake party in our backyard.
 + Took Leah on two road trips to Memphis and OBX.
+ Celebrated Thanksgiving with our second family.
+ Had a girls weekend in Nashville with my besties! (Ooops, I never blogged about that!)
+ Sent out the cutest holiday cards ever.
+ And celebrated Leah's First Christmas.
And we will be ringing in the new year (and celebrating CV's birthday) together as a family with a few of our closest Cincinnati friends, the most perfect way to end the year.

Happy New Year's, Everyone.
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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas 2015

It was so fun celebrating Leah's first Christmas the whole month of December...

She got to meet Santa at the mall...
Had a Santa Baby photoshoot...
Visited the Christmas Village at night to see the lights...
Visited it during the day for family photos...
Sang "The Twelve Days of Christmas" with mommy and daddy...
Got to spend time with extended family on Christmas Eve...
Opened presents on Christmas Day...
And lots of playtime and holiday cheer all month long...
It was a good holiday! :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Month Six with Leah

HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY to our sweet little bug! (12/13/15)
I can't believe it's already been half a year since Leah's been in our life.
It's true what they say - "The days are long, but the years are short!"

Month Six Update:
Weight, Height and Head: She's 14.08 pounds (14%) and 25 inches (40%) with a 42cm head size (40%)
 Diapers:  Still in Size 2. Pampers Swaddlers and Pampers Baby Dry are our favorites. And we love the Costco brand (Kirkland) baby wipes.
Clothing: You mostly wear 6M sizes, unless its Baby Gap which runs a little big, you are only 3-6M size in that.
Eating: You are still breastfeeding and eating every 3-4 hours and also eating solids once a day at dinner time. You are a great eater and have liked everything so far. You've tried rice cereal, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, pears, apples and bananas. The doctor told us to start feeding you solids 2x a day after your 6-month birthday - so I picked up some Organic Oatmeal to feed you breakfast going forward!
Sleep: You're a great sleeper. We bought a Dohm white noise machine, which CV and I call "the sleep machine" and it helps put you right to sleep - and helps you stay asleep throughout the night.  Mom friends - BUY ONE!!! We also put on "twinkle twinkle little star" on your Sleep Sheep that lasts 45 minutes...that combination of noises usually does the trick!
Social: You met Santa this month. You didn't cry, but you didn't smile either. You are getting ready to celebrate your first Christmas and we are so excited!
In other news: You are moving and rolling a lot more now! When we put you to sleep in your crib - you are usually the reverse position when we come to get you in the morning. I don't know how you do it, but you know how to do 180's and 360's pretty quickly!
You also starting being a brand rep for an etsy shop called CampCornDog. They sent us this amazing sushi headband for you to model - and I think you nailed your photo shoot!
Nicknames: Bug. We call you Bug all the time. Sometimes it's Leah Bug....other times it's stinkbug, love bug, cuddle bug! :)
Mommy: I'm still doing great and enjoying my time off work - although I know next month I will need to buckle down and start looking at jobs!
Likes: Bath time, eating solids, watching daddy dance, laughing with daddy
Dislikes: sitting in a car seat in a shopping cart, bedtime